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Test Your Sales Comp – Is This Thing Working?

You’ve put the plan into place. You’ve gathered the team you need to succeed.

Now you need to make sure all of the pieces work together.

To survive and succeed in 2012, you’ll have to keep your resolutions to be a better, stronger and more profitable company.

You need to know if the systems you’ve put in place – including your most important sales team motivator, your incentive plan – are working.

This quick tip webinar, led by Sibson Consulting expert Joseph DiMisa, will give you the 6 key metrics you need to watch to assess your sales compensation plan.

This webinar is part of our Resolve series, designed to help you begin the new year on the right footing.

Keep your resolutions this year.

Date: 2/15/12    |     Length: 59 min.    |     Part 2 of 3


Essential Sales Compensation Design Tips Webinar

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