Author: Erik Charles

The Deal Closed—Pay Up!


In my early days of selling, before I’d leave for an appointment, my boss would tell me, “Come back with the purchase order or don’t come back at all.” In those days, the sales cycle consisted of getting the lead, chasing the deal, fighting over redlines that were being faxed back and forth, generating a purchase order, and then waiting for a “wet” signature to finally book the business.

Unfortunately, the company would wait until…

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Compensation Mistakes Cost You More Than You Think

$100 bills

We all make mistakes in business, regardless of how conscientious we might be. But compared to the errors we’re capable of making — you know, the life-altering ones — sales compensation mistakes rank relatively low on the list. After all, most inaccuracies discovered in the morning can be fixed by lunchtime, right?

Not necessarily.

The fact is, sales compensation mistakes can be very serious and expensive. According to the IRS, about 33%…

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CEOs, Help Your Growing Business with a Q1 Check-In

woman lifting heavy barbell

Congratulations, Q1 has just finished and you’re ready to release results to your stakeholders. How did you fare? As the CEO of a growing business, lots of work went into trying to achieve your goals. Now may seem like a good time to put down the heavy weights you’ve been lifting and shake out your muscles before you pick up Q2…

But not so fast.

If you want your business to gain strength, you…

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