Author: Erik Charles

Gaming the World Cup

As we approach the World Cup, many Americans are trying to figure out the game. Needless to say, the rules and point system can be complicated and convoluted- likes some compensation plans I’ve seen before.

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Perverse Incentives and the Fox Watching Over the Henhouse

The past few news cycles have been full of reports about Veterans waiting for health care at several Veteran’s Administration hospitals across the nation. Some of the news has focused on the bonuses paid out to senior staff, while at the same time Vets were dying without being seen.

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The Deal Closed—Pay Up!

In my early days of selling, before I’d leave for an appointment, my boss would tell me, “Come back with the purchase order or don’t come back at all.” In those days, the sales cycle consisted of getting the lead, chasing the deal, fighting over redlines that were being faxed back and forth, generating a purchase order, and then waiting for a “wet” signature to finally book the business.

Unfortunately, the company would wait until…

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