9 Companies Whose Cool Culture Shows Through in Their Office Spaces

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We’re strong believers that company culture and employee motivation stem from more substantial things than foosball tables and office kegs; in fact, we’ve gone so far as to say that these perks are all but meaningless if you aren’t also recognizing people for their individual contributions. But there’s no denying the effort and creativity that go into building unique office spaces. There are a few companies out there that have found ways to create office spaces that truly complement their culture and inspire performance, while also nailing the cool factor. Here are 9 ultra cool workspaces that prove the power of marrying personal incentives with inspiring design:

1. LinkedInLinkedin

Some of the Xactly Marketing Team was fortunate enough to visit LinkedIn's brand new office in Sunnyvale this past July. The office features a design style with lots of textures and colors, a fully functioning coffee bar staffed by skilled baristas, and plenty of collaboration space to meet with team members.

2. Quicken LoansQuicken Loans

One of the main goals Quicken Loans had when building their hip new office was to breathe life into Downtown Detroit. They did this by bringing in vibrant colors, hiring graffiti artists to mural the walls, and saving lots of space for fun office perks like a replica Cleveland Cavaliers basketball court.

3. Zendeskz<a href=

Similar to Quicken Loans, Zendesk chose their location as part of revitalization effort; although for Zendesk the location in question was San Francisco's "Mid-Market Area." The new space was designed with a contemporary Danish aesthetic, featuring modern lines, crisp white and lime coloring, and various textures including wood and steel. The office is also home to a fully stocked kitchen where employees can help themselves to snacks and sandwich fixings.

4. Boxnew-box-hq-0565

Box's headquarters in Los Altos screams fun (they have a yellow, spiral slide in the office for goodness sake). The office itself was designed to promote an open feeling, free of cubicles or necessarily walls; there are game tables and chill-out spaces where employees can work in a more relaxed environment than the typical office chair.

5. Yelp

Yelp-Office-The-Registry-real-estate Yelp recently moved into a completely new, sleek office in San Francisco. The location allows for expansive views of the city, and the interior design is conducive to their idea of a productive and entertaining work environment. As they are known for their entry level sales training program, Yelp is one company that showcases their top sales people in a special gallery on the wall. Talk about motivating performance!

6. Square36b038f6

Square's new office space features iconic design elements from famed San Francisco neighborhoods and destination hotspots throughout the building, plenty of collaboration space to meet and interact with colleagues, and a fully stocked coffee bar offering the top notch beverages. Coffee is key people, take note.

7. Birchbox

the-entrance-to-birchbox-is-simple-and-inviting-with-very-comfortable-chairs-if-you-need-to-wait Headquartered in New York City, Birchbox is the subscription service taking the makeup industry by storm. Their office is an open and inviting space that reflects the Birchbox image; hot pink walls and cubicles, free makeup samples, and lots of Birchbox packaging floating around the office.

8. Buzzfeedwith-that-settled-its-back-to-work

Known for their ever popular 'listicles' and quizzes, Buzzfeed's office in New York is chock full of creativity and flair. The office itself is completely open, allowing employees to see from one end of the editorial space to another. This allows for  and unprecedented level of great discussion and brainstorming, which is vital to nailing down the eclectic and engaging style of their content.

9. Redfin

Redfin   Seattle-based Redfin is out to change the real estate industry; their office embodies a modern approach to an age-old industry with clean lines, unique building materials, and beautiful views of the Seattle area. As they say in real estate, "it's all about location," and Redfin's office is no different.