CompCloud is Less than two Months Away!

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How do you determine success? A trap that many of us fall in is to believe that success has to be a huge, dramatic change from the status quo to be meaningful. And this simply isn't accurate. Small changes can yield big, successful results and improvements. But don't just take my word for it, Dan Harris, best-selling author and Nightline anchor, wrote an entire book about how incremental changes completely transformed his life, and he'll be speaking at this year's CompCloud. If you think about some of the big changes people make in their lives, almost none of them happened overnight or all at once. They happened because people took small steps to better themselves. Take weight loss for example. One of my close friends lost over 100 pounds in a year; this is a huge accomplishment, but it happened with baby steps, literally. My friend decided to start walking a few miles a day and before he knew it he had reached his weight loss goal. The same is true of paying off debt. One of my relatives had wracked up a lot of credit card debt. Instead of continuing to let it grow, she transferred all the debt to a no-interest card and worked with the bank to set up small payments she could pay off over time. Within a year she was nearly debt-free. Ever since we read Dan Harris's book, we've been interested in all the things that can be accomplished with small changes, 10% changes to be specific. Did you know that a 10% lift in quota attainment for an average SaaS rep is around $120,000. For an Enterprise sales team of 1000 reps that 10% translates into 120 million dollars of extra revenue. Still think 10% sounds like a small change? CompCloud 2016 attendees will learn just how the 10% Factor can transform the way they live and work. In addition, they'll gain insights from our data, meet thought leaders, catch up on industry trends, lead the charge to create an inspired team culture, and enjoy a fun evening with friends at the #xactlylovesme customer party!