10 Ideas for Easy Ways to Pay it Forward at Work

4 min read

I've always thought there are two types of people in the world: the kind who wave and smile when little kids are playing "sweet and sour" in the car next to you, and the people that ignore these kids. I challenge you to be the type of person who always waves back at the kids; the type who pays it forward, and who is always conscious of the impact that kindness can have on the people around you, like those you work with. Positivity is contagious-you know when you’re walking down the street and someone smiles at you for no reason, it makes you want to smile back, or if you’re on the receiving end of a good deed, it makes you want to keep the good feelings going. The idea that paying it forward can have a global impact is widely discussed, and basically comes down to the idea that  treating our fellow human beings a little more kindly can have positive repercussions far outside of the scope we could originally imagine.

Bring a bit of extra positivity with these creative pay it forward ideas for the workplace:

1. Pick up an extra latte for a co-worker. If you’re making your morning coffee run grab an extra one. It’s such a small act, but it can bring extra happiness and productivity to your team. 2. All done with your work? Sure, you could catch up on the news or emails, but helping a swamped co-worker is a lot more meaningful and helpful to your organization. 3. Make a warm introduction- whether it’s calling an old colleague and introducing them to one of your sales reps, or just introducing two people from different departments that you think would get along it’s a small good deed that goes a long way. 4. Have you been noticing certain colleagues putting in long hours, kicking butt on major projects, or just having a positive attitude? Let their manager know, endorse their skills on LinkedIn, or just publicly recognize them. A little praise can be very impactful. 5. Is there a bookworm at your office? Excessive trips to Barnes and Noble can get pricey, so if you’ve just finished a bestseller share the wealth and lend the book to your co-worker. 6. Bring in cookies or fresh fruits and veggies from your garden. No one can be grumpy with the smell of freshly baked salted caramel Snickerdoodles floating through the office. 7. Help someone get a handle on the chaos  with a few fun desk organizers. 8. Make a homemade card or organize a special celebration for co-worker's birthday. 9. Order an afternoon treat. One of my colleagues recently ordered chocolate covered berries from a delivery service. It was a quick, sweet, and simple morale boost. 10. Grab lunch for a co-worker who has been stuck in meetings all day. While positivity and kindness can have a huge impact in the workplace, so can aligning the goals of everyone in your department. Click here to learn more about how Xactly Objectives can boost productivity for your team.