Social Selling and Sales Strategy

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Today's guest blog post was written by Brian Groth, Brian created and leads the sales enablement program at Xactly, which includes sales coachingsales enablement tools, managing the sales contenttraining, and on-boarding. I was recently interviewed by the good team over at ToutApp to share my insights and approach to social selling. In their book, I especially like how they make social selling easy and approachable for a sales rep. One great example is this approach to integrating it with your sales strategy:

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 9.56.38 AM

In addition to the above ideas there are many ways to nurture the sales funnel through social media: Awareness Until prospects are made aware of your goods or services, they will remain ignorant of what you can offer. To create awareness, start with quality content that includes a strong call-to-action and optimized visuals. Also, use ads on Facebook and Twitter. Interest Now that prospects are aware of your product and/or service, you need to gain their interest. This can be achieved through consistent engagement and community building. Create a social editorial calendar and incentivize people to visit consistently. Conversion You’ve got them on your website, now what do you do? Use your landing page! By offering an incentive on the landing page such as eBooks, extended content or giveaways, you can collect emails. Sale There’s always more than one way to do things. To achieve the sale, make sure you are prepared with multiple strategies. Try email marketing, product-specific offers, blog posts and newsletters. Loyalty In the social media sales funnel, it’s more than just closing a sale. Retaining the loyalty of customers is essential to keeping the good news going about your business. Testimonials and reviews are more important than ever. Also, customers don’t want to be forgotten about as soon as you have their money. Offer rewards and incentives to keep them coming back. How has your sales strategy changed with social media? Tweet @Xactly and let us know!