Tuning in: 20 Podcasts You Need in Your Professional Life

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Are you an aspiring sales leader? Do you strive to be an effective people manager in your organization? Do you dream of becoming a daring entrepreneur? Regardless of the specifics, you know that career development is required for your continued (and rising) work success. If you’re anything like me, I can bet that improving your work performance and growing professionally is probably the furthest thing from your mind once you’ve stepped out of the office. I’m usually thinking about how I’ll get some exercise in, what laundry needs to be done, or what I’ll cook for dinner. Have you not heard? The world today is buzzing with all sorts of readily available technologies designed to make your life easier! You can get your groceries sent to your doorstep, have your dog walked via an app, and get your news delivered straight to your hand-held device. And so, you’re safe to assume you can get a leg-up on your career the same way. Enter the magic of podcasts! To and from work, on the train, on the treadmill, you can get the latest news that suit your specific industry needs. But, where to start? With the vast amount of information available, we’ve gathered our 20 favorite podcasts – and broken them into groups:

  • Podcasts for Sales
  • Podcasts for Startups
  • Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Podcasts for Professional Success

We did the research for you, so you can do the listening!

Sales Podcasts

Sales Manager Playbook by Leadfuze This podcast taps into the genius of other top sales managers and professionals from various industries. In conversational interviews, host Michael Lambourne identifies ways his guests have approached different topics like hiring, compensation, sales tools, employee and customer motivation, pricing, message and customer success topics. The Sales Babble Podcast A weekly podcast aimed to deliver actionable advice from sales leaders to those working in technology sales or SaaS-focused industries. Most recent episodes include an interview with Jon Markwardt in “The Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side.” Ramp: The InsightSquared Podcast This podcast explores how professionals use data to transform and grow their business – rapidly. Interviews conducted by Cara Hogan with industry thought leaders, sales experts and data analysts. Not a lot of sales podcasts look this thoroughly at analytics, so if you’re craving more data-focused content, this is the podcast to subscribe to! The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast by Hosted by prominent Silicon Valley sales hustler, Steli Efti, of Content on this podcast is more focused toward startup professionals, looking for sales hacks and inside tips. Learn practical ways to respond to certain rejections, or listen to in-depth interviews with various sales influencers. Closing Bigger with Shane Gibson Shane Gibson brings 12 years of experience to this sales leadership podcast. Each episode ranges from 9-45 minutes in length with actionable topics like industry how-to’s, interviews with various thought leaders, and best practices that are applicable to your professional needs. A Sales Guy with Jim Keenan Hosted by CEO and Founder Jim Keenan, this podcast features different series to cater to your interests. There are episodes in the series #SalesJOLT, featuring certain sales influencers and thought leaders. Other popular episodes are titled, #heykeenan, where the discussion is mostly focused around Keenan’s professional expertise. These episodes are published often, and range between 15-45 minutes in length. Enterprise Sales Podcast As the website states, this podcast aims to identify the very best in sales expertise available by conducting detailed interviews with the industry specialists. There is a very clear caveat listed, too, “…While we are about tactical advice, we are not about quick fixes here.” Tune in to this podcast to learn more about the long-term goals in strategy, execution and ultimate success in sales.

Podcasts for Startups

In the Arena Anthony Iannarino produces this podcast perfectly tailored to those venturing down the startup path. Based on his work as a famous speaker, author and sales leader, Anthony has a wide range of knowledge and expertise to share with listeners. Most of the podcasts feature other influencers who have accomplished some notable feats in their specific industry. Powderkeg: Igniting Startups Focusing on the tech industry, this newer podcast has an impressive lineup of interviews and content. It also has a specific affinity to highlight the bold business moves of entrepreneurs outside of the Silicon Valley bubble that have found notable success. Host Matt Hunckler talks with innovative leaders, speakers, authors breaking ground in their specific industry. This Week in StartUps The podcast to start with if you’re looking for all things startup-related. Jason Calacanis delivers weekly videos sharing the latest in the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re venturing to start your own company, want to better motivate yourself or your employees, or just catch up on the news of the Valley – these episodes won’t disappoint.

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn leads this weekly podcast; chalk-full of informative interviews, in-depth discussions and strategic best practices that are applicable to anyone interested in developing a successful online business. Flynn often recalls on his own experiences (how he came to start SPI is a neat story) and shares them so listeners can learn from his mistakes and triumphs. Definitely worth the listen.  Entrepreneur on FIRE John and Kate Dumas are the husband and wife team of Entrepreneurs on FIRE. They’ve published over 1700 interviews on their podcast with influencers like Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran and Seth Godin.  Unemployable with Brian Clark Are you a hard-working freelancer? Do you thrive on the flexibility of creative life? Brian Clark leads this weekly podcast – referencing his own 18 years of experience transitioning from freelancer to CEO. Listen in for some actionable ideas to carve out the career you crave. The Fizzle Show “A podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders”. Publishing weekly, these episodes are focused around supporting yourself financial by doing the work you’re passionate about (and who doesn’t want that??). The content shared on this podcast is action-based advice from folks who are living their endeavors.

Podcasts for Professional Success

The School of Greatness Louis Howes hosts this inspiring podcast that focuses on how to help people to earn a full-time income while making an impact on the world and others around them. No easy task, everything Howes teaches is backed by his own life experience. As Howes writes on his website, “…If a small-town boy from Ohio (who didn’t see any potential for his future) can do it, then so can you!” Take a listen to one of his power episodes, you’ll be hooked. The SaaS Revolution Show “A publication produced for SaaS people by SaaS people.” This podcast is produced by SaaScribe Media, and the content is focused on specifics to the SaaS industry. Episodes feature individuals who are thought leaders in SaaS, or want to learn more about best practices pertaining to their field. Eventual Millionaire Even the title is enticing, isn’t it? This podcast provides over 350 interviews with professionals with a millionaire net worth status because of their strategic business and career choices. Tune in to get their advice, and find ways to too can uplevel your earning potential. The Kickass Life with David Wood David Wood is an experienced business leader, author and humanitarian who has helped grow several multi-million dollar companies. This podcast covers a range of topics, from family and personal life discussions to the soft skills necessary in being an extraordinary business leader. The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger A podcast ranging in topics, from social skills, relationship-building, professional and business savvy, and lifestyle choices. Guests and interviewees bring all kinds of expertise to the table, and while some episodes may not serve an obvious need for you – they are all very relatable. Self-Made Man Build a life of excellence in all areas by listening to this self-help podcast. Whether you want to focus on your professional career, your interpersonal relationships, your health or finance, this podcast covers a variety of strategies to make your life what you want it to be. Do you have a favorite podcast? Is there one we missed that should be on this list? Let us know by tweeting @Xactly using #SalesPodcastMust.