25 Things you'll Understand if you Work Nine to Five

4 min read

Anyone who works a traditional nine to five job knows that there are certain things about office life we can all relate to. Some of these things might drive us nuts, some make us laugh, and some make us feel on top of the world. I know this isn't an exhaustive list, so be sure to tweet @Xactly and let us know if you have any other musings about the nine to five grind that come to you as you're reading this article.

1. The joyous feeling you get when you wake up and realize it’s Friday:

2. How much you need at least two friends at work who can cheer you up after a hard day:

3. The pride you feel when your company wins an award:

4. The importance of caffeine:

5. The camaraderie you feel with the people you see more hours a week than your family:

6. It’s 9:07 AM and you’re probably talking about where you want to go to lunch:

7. This is what you wore the first day of work:



8. This is what you wore last week:



9. Coming out of a great performance review:

10. When you realize that “the 2:30 feeling” is more than just a marketing ploy:

11. The pride you take in your home away from home (AKA your cubicle)

12. The glances you shoot around the room during a conference call:

13. The detest you feel for lunch time meetings:

14. How it feels to wrap up a big project and see it be successful:

15. The necessity of finding your work husband or wife:

16. Hearing the words “lunch will be provided”

17. Having an amazing brainstorm with your team:

18. How you feel when you get recognition from your boss:

19. That moment you get summoned into a big wigs office with no explanation:

20....Followed by running through everything you could have screwed up. It’s almost as bad as hearing “we need to talk.”

21. When you’re running late:

22. Or trying to run an errand on your lunch break:

23. Not to mention trying to get your teeth cleaned, or a haircut, or pick up a package you need to sign for.

24. The vicious cycle of red bull, lack of sleep, red bull:

25. Realizing it’s pay day: