21 Things IT is Tired of Saying

3 min read

Our IT team has endless patience. No matter how many times we task them with handling our "urgent needs," our "broken computers, or our endless requests for phone setup assistance, they always take our requests in stride. We all greatly appreciate it, and know they're a special group of people that we are lucky to work with. However,  one thing is for sure: while on the outside they are endlessly patient and kind, on the inside they may sometimes wonder if we've ever used a computer before. Here are 21 things people in IT are tired of saying.

1. Have you refreshed your browser?

2. "Is it plugged in?"

3. "Seriously, make sure it’s plugged in."

4. “Mom, I can’t come over every time your Internet goes out.”

5. "You need to reset your password to something other than password."

6. "Did you back up your files?"

7. "Have you cleared your cache yet?"

8. "Have you tried turning it off and on?"

9. "Are you on the right network?"

10. "We really don’t send faxes anymore. Do you really need to send a fax?"

11. "Put a ticket in, please, just one, just try it one time."

12. "Did you click where I asked you to?"

13. "The printer is broken again?"

14. "I’m not sure there's room in the budget for that."

15. "The spam filter should’ve caught that."

16. "No, beating the printer with a baseball bat will not fix the problem."

17. "Are you sure you want a Mac?"

18. "Are you sure you want a Mac PC?"

19. "Your computer isn’t slow - the 100+ open Chrome tabs, Word Docs, and Power Points are making it slow."

20. "Yes, you really should shut your computer down occasionally."

21. "No, you don’t need a new computer."

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