3 Insights From my First Two Weeks as Xactly's CMO

4 min read

My first two weeks at Xactly have been a whirlwind. I could not have asked to join at a better or more exciting time. On my first day, I attended a company all-hands meeting where I experienced the Xactly culture in full force! Internally, the employees refer to themselves as “Xactlians.” I initially found that funny, but I quickly saw the reason for it. They are a community focused on one cause—to optimize sales organizations by incentivizing employees and aligning their behaviors with company goals. My second week was CompCloud 2016, the company’s annual user event. It was a culmination of customers, prospects, and partners coming together to experience hands-on product training, networking events, and speaking sessions from industry thought leaders. What an amazing experience! After having the opportunity to speak with many current and future customers, I saw many similarities in their responses to my question, "Why Xactly?" Their answers included the following:

Our Focus on Incentive Compensation Our customers (existing and future) value that our focus is only on incentive compensation. All of our energy, resources, and technology advancement is placed towards optimizing sales organizations. Our experienced R&D and Product Management teams work relentlessly to bring to market new products  with enhanced capabilities.

Innovation Innovation that aligns with customer needs resonated strongly with our prospects and clients as well. We are constantly delivering industry-leading product capabilities, as well as working with best-in-class partners around the globe. Industry experts agree, as reflected by our  2015 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award in Sales Excellence for Xactly Insights™ and our selection as the 2015 CRM Market Winner in Incentive Compensation.

Data and Insights Having access to their own data is a key benefit when our customers automate. Taking it a step further is being able to compare their own data to peer data with Xactly Insights. Xactly's empirical data helps customers build powerful incentive compensation processes instead of simply paying commissions. Benchmarking their plans against the industry not only helps them see what’s working to incentivize their reps, but allows them to build intelligent compensation plans to recruit and retain top talent. I’m joining at such an exciting (and I’m sure also challenging) time of fast growth. I’m proud to be an Xactlian, and I look forward to helping the company deliver on its vision of changing the world of incentive compensation, growing its brand, and capitalizing on its immense market opportunity.