3 Steps for SMB Success at Dreamforce

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Dreamforce for SMB owners means opportunities to come away with the leads, new contacts, and knowledge to take your company to the next level. And top line revenue growth and quick scaling are only going to come from one thing: a properly incentivized sales team. The key to accomplishing this goal is to implement and reinforce incentives that power your growth engine. If you’re attending Dreamforce, it’s safe to assume you’re either pretty close to making or already have made the critical investment in Salesforce CRM. What you’ll discover at the event is that there are many Salesforce integrations that can help maximize your return from this investment. Boosting top line growth is not only possible through these integrations, but ICM (incentive compensation management) solutions like Xactly Express™ plug right into your existing Salesforce instance, making it easy to supercharge your sales performance. And what better place to put your growth into overdrive than at the largest gathering of prospects for your organization. To that end, here are five steps that you can take to prep your SMB sales team for success at Dreamforce.

Step 1: Start with the Talent

One of the first steps for building a tremendous growth engine is to attract and retain top salespeople. Attracting top sales talent requires two key components: competitive total target earnings and an effective sales compensation plan. What makes a sales compensation plan effective? One that is simple, generous, uncapped, and fair. To retain top talent, competitive pay is, of course, a primary concern—closely followed by timely and accurate payouts. Nothing will cause sales reps to disengage and head for the door faster than late and inaccurate commissions and bonuses for well-deserved sales.

Step 2: Be Transparent with the Talent

One of the best ways to influence behaviors that continuously fuel the growth engine is to provide reps visibility into their performance and potential payouts. Commission estimators like those in Xactly Express or Salesforce Opportunity show reps how much they could earn on a deal. This information is easy to understand and provides immediate feedback on what they could gain from closing. There’s great motivational power in a rep’s ability to view their potential reward, how much they’ve on a sale, and performance from the convenience of a smartphone or mobile device. If you can deliver on all of these items, revenue growth will accelerate and turnover for your top sales reps will vanish.   

Step 3: Choose the Right ICM

But to be able to pay people in a timely and accurate fashion, provide estimators, and assess benchmarks and analytics, you need technology more advanced than a simple spreadsheet. This means turning to enterprise-class Incentive Compensation Management software. And since the last two things SMB leaders can afford to lose is time and money, the ICM solution must be cost effective and quick to implement. The best place to find the Incentive Compensation Management software for your organization is the Salesforce Appexchange. To narrow down the thousands of choices to the best of the best, look for software is:

  • Well reviewed with a high volume of ratings
  • Relatively quick to implement
  • A native application (a must!) with no limits
  • Salesforce1 mobile ready
  • A Salesforce Platinum ISV partner

Bonus Step: Supercharge Your Reps with Xactly Express

One solution that fits the bill is Xactly Incent Express, an Incentive Compensation Management solution for SMBs. This software allows growing companies to address critical challenges during development to transform and design their incentive compensation programs into a strategic driver of performance. Built on the platform, which provides seamless integration with Salesforce, Incent Express enables clients to leverage existing data, users/roles, exchange rates, security and more. In addition, companies can easily utilize any other source systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) that house their compensation and financial data. But don’t take our word for it, read what a few of our Xactly Incent Express clients have to say:

As we quickly expand, I know we can accelerate that growth and power our increasingly mobile sales team around the globe with Xactly. —ServiceMax With the move to Xactly, we are also migrating to Salesforce as our CRM. Adding Xactly completes the puzzle and supercharges our sales compensation process. This integration will keep our sales representatives engaged while having all our pertinent data visible in one location. —Wealth-X

To learn more about how Xactly Incent Express can help your SMB grow top-line revenue faster, meet with us at Dreamforce or in the AppExchange here