3 Ways to Use Incentives to Get Your Company Through the Dog Days of Summer

4 min read

The sun is shining brighter than ever, and as employees file back in from their summer vacations engagement can suffer. The Dog Days of Summer are the second coming of Spring Fever wreaking havoc on motivation and focus as employees long to go back to the sandy beaches and cold drinks they so recently left. Your company can’t afford to let this time to go to waste, and you need a solution pronto, so here are three incentives to help get your employees through the Dog Days: 1. Eliminate FOMO One of the biggest de-motivators during this time of year is FOMO, otherwise known as the Fear Of Missing Out. We are starting to head towards the end of summer, and people can feel their time with warm weather slowly slipping through their grasp. Alleviate their FOMO and improve their productivity simultaneously with an incentive! Reward your high performing employees with a three day weekend if they finish a major project, or give a half day on a Friday so they can try to finish that summer bucket list they made at the beginning of the season. Use their desire to get outside and have fun as a way to get them to stay inside and work hard! 2. Plan a Company Get Together When you Reach a Goal We all know about the power of a company trip planned for the best of the best employees. Lavish President’s Club vacations are some of the best motivators for employees, but smaller, low-key excursions can also do the trick. Plan a hike so the whole team can get active together, or a company barbecue for the foodies in your company. Summer activities are fun, can help your team bond with each other, and can give your employees the motivation they need to get through the last few months of summer. 3. Add a Summer SPIF A SPIF, or special performance incentive fund, is often used in sales departments when a manager wants to kick things up a notch, or move a specific product. However, SPIFs can be used any time you want to inspire a specific behavior in the short term. For example, you could create a company wide SPIF that encourages your staff to get people registered for an upcoming company event, or to promote a new product line. Summer is the season everyone looks forward to, and your business shouldn’t be any different. As the temperature starts to heat up, your company has the potential to heat up as well, but that’s only if you keep your employees engaged and motivated. Allowing your employees to get the most our of their Summers will  enable them to finish out this part of the year with energy and motivation. Don’t let your company fall victim to the Dog Days of Summer.