4 Days Out – What to Expect at CompCloud 15!

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In just a few short days, CompCloud 15 will be off to a roaring start in San Francisco. Whether you’re a long time attendee back for more, or a newbie to the event experiencing your first CompCloud, we thought we’d share some of the fun things planned at this year’s event, and get you up to speed on what you can expect before you arrive at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco.

App on the Go

Download our CompCloud App (available in both the iPhone and Android App stores) for insider details about the event, including speaker schedules, agenda trackers, and networking opportunities. You can even access the FOX portal, and earn points by participating in the CompCloud Experience! Once you download the App, you’ll be able to participate in fun contests, post pictures, follow other attendees, stay on top of the speaker schedule, and much, much more.

Track these Speaking Tracks

With a plethora of diverse and unique speaking tracks, there is something special for everyone. Whether you’re most interested in new product capabilities, hands on training sessions, learning more about analytics, or streamlining your incentives, you’re sure to leave the event with plenty of food for thought, and a bevy of new ways to inspire performance at your company to boot.

The CompCloud Keynote Trio

We’ve lined up the best and brightest minds to speak at this year’s event. First off, we’re very excited to have Xactly Founder & CEO Chris Cabrera kick off the CompCloud 15 festivities. Joining Chris in the lineup this year is fellow Chris and Domo President Chris Harrington, and with his wealth of sales and industry experience, we are all looking forward to learning from his expertise.

Happy Birthday to User

Listen – we appreciate you so much. No. don’t blush, we mean it. The User experience is so important to us because users make our world go ’round, so we want to show our appreciation for you with a User Party! Whether you’re a poker buff, have a few mean dance moves up your sleeve, or love a good photo booth, there will be something for everyone! This party is to celebrate our customers, so plan on a fun time.  And this party is set in San Francisco, so plan on bringing a few layers. San Francisco is known to get chilly at night.

Social Fun

Get chatty with us and use #CompCloud on social media to connect with other attendees! We are making social media a huge component of CompCloud. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, the Xactly Blog, and our mobile app. We’ll also have a social photo booth where you can take photos and share them immediately to your social networks. And we’ll have a large FOX booth this year, so stop in and cash in those points for prizes!

With just four short days until CompCloud, we’re counting down the minutes until we all get to come together for the incentive compensation event of the year!


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4 Days Out – What to Expect at CompCloud 15!