4 Podcasts Sales People Should be Downloading Now

4 min read

If you’re like the average American, you travel at least 25 minutes to work each way every day. While you could just listen to the radio and zone out, why not put that time to good use? As the New Year approaches, everyone is trying to figure out how to maximize their time so they can improve their lives in one way or another. One way of doing this is to download podcasts. If you're in sales, going to a professional development workshop might sound too time-consuming, but listening to professional development podcast is the perfect way to hone your skills and manage your time. Read on to discover five sales podcasts that should definitely be in your queue come January one.

  1. Sales Effectiveness Podcast

Do you ever wonder what the rain-makers are doing differently than you? Of course you do. They hit or exceed quota every time, and you might have missed it last quarter. Don't let it happen again- download a few episodes and gain insight from leaders in the field about topics ranging from leveraging existing client relationships to tailoring your pitch to specific audiences.

  1. The Advanced Selling Podcast

With hundreds of back-episodes there’s plenty of material to dig into if you’re just starting to listen Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale’s podcast. The two expert sales trainers discuss various sales related topics from no show sales appointments to how to handle buyer resistance. If you have a sales conundrum there’s likely few that the two veteran sales trainers haven’t discussed.

  1. Entrepreneur On Fire

John Lee Dumas is devoted to providing a show that inspires each individual's personal journey. While you may not consider yourself an entrepreneur, hearing stories of how successful business people have struggled, and come out on the other side can give you the jump-start you need to make that call you've been dreading, or to set that meeting with an important client.

  1. Sales and Marketing Alignment

The divide between sales and marketing is a well-known conundrum, and a major problem for many companies. Learn new ways to bridge the infamous divide when you listen to Rob Sloane's monthly podcast. When sales and marketing works closely it can transform the way a business runs. ....and number five for good luck. While Serial is not sales related at all, you might want to get on listening to it right away anyway. Season two of the intriguing nonfiction podcast delves deep into a mystery news case straight from the headlines and promises to keep you guessing.