4 Tips for Managers to Hit the Ground Running in 2017

4 min read

As we begin another New Year it's a common time for people to reflect on the changes they'd like to make in their lives. For some people that means more exercise, less fast food, or drinking more water. For those in the corporate world that often means re-evaluating the way you're managing and the systems and tools you're using to maximize profit and efficiency. Below are five resolutions to help managers hit the ground running and make 2017 their best year as a manager yet! Resolution #1: Give up the Annual Review Now, this doesn’t mean that you will never perform another end of year review with one of your employees, but when you resolve to give up the annual only review, it means that you have made a commitment to incorporating new and more effective methods of performance measurement and evaluation. You should be augmenting the traditional end of year check-in with new performance management tools and a sales performance review process that provides motivation and interaction on a monthly and quarterly basis. Resolution #2: Check in More Frequently When you put an employee performance management system like Objectives in place, it can and should serve as a guiding benchmark for managers, allowing them to easily set goals and then follow up with their employees about those goals.  We’ve heard of many companies that don’t meet frequently to discuss progress, and unfortunately it can be detrimental to both their employees and their company culture. Resolution #3: Give Objectives Thoughtfully Give employees clearly defined objectives aligned with company goals, but don’t overload them. Many times managers have the best intentions when they give their employees goals, but they go overboard and the people that work for them don’t know what to focus on and what’s truly important. Resolution #4: Actively Utilize these New Systems! The only thing you could do to mess up your Objectives plan is not take full advantage of what it has to offer. A system of goal management and bonus tracking has so much to give in the way of growth and profitability that it would be a shame to squander it! On the employee side of things, there are a number of features you should resolve to use to their fullest. Putting an emphasis on performance management is critical to securing growth and improvement in engagement and success across your organization. If you stick to these resolutions in the new year, you will find that your managers have better and more productive relationships with their employees, your workforce will be more successful and engaged throughout the year, and your company will consistently meet or exceed the goals you set out for it.