4 Ways B2B Companies Can Leverage Dubsmash to Improve Employee Morale

4 min read

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Dubsmash? That sounds like some kind of rock band straight out of California, but I can assure you it is not that. Dubsmash is an app that allows you to pick a sound bite, like part of a song or a bit of dialogue from a movie. Once you’ve selected a sound, you can record/dub a video of yourself recreating the moment, then share it directly with your friends on social media. So, that’s all fun and good, but why focus on Dubsmash in a corporate environment? Well, Dubsmash is just 19 months old, and has already taken the world by storm! It’s gained 50 million users since it’s inception, and has helped entertainers like Rihanna create buzz for their upcoming music videos. B2B companies are also finding ways to leverage this app for branding purposes, and the platform can be used internally to create engagement within teams. Here are 4 ways B2B companies can use Dubsmash to improve employee morale: 1. Help with branding. By shooting weekly or monthly videos displaying company props, mascots, and more you can creatively promote your brand while engaging customers, prospects, and employees in the process. 2. Bring transparency to the workplace. If Dubsmashing is implemented strategically, it can bring teams together with humor, creative ideas, and freedom of expression.  3. Foster social interactions with customers. As you create and share your videos on social media, you can demonstrate your company culture, and invite your customers into the conversation about what makes a company great.  4. Increase employee engagement and curiosity. Since these videos are quick and easy to make, Dubsmash is a simple way to encourage your employees to bring humor and levity to their work. Creativity and inspiration flow from novelty. B2B companies in India have started setting up video-shoot kiosks to create a fun culture and a happy work environment. These Dubsmash trends are evolving internationally, and here at Xactly we are experimenting with ways to use Dubsmash as a fun and holistic way to reach out to both customers and employees. Dubsmash is just one of the potentially creative ways you can motivate employees to be creative, expressive, and inventive throughout the workday. Below is a funny example of a Dubsmash from some dedicated members of our very own marketing team. Use the hashtag #Xactlysmash to let us know what you think of the video!