5 Things You Need to Do at CompCloud 2016!

5 min read

Here in the Xactly offices, CompCloud planning never truly ends. This show represents a coming together of the work we do all year long to demonstrate the power of incentive compensation, and to display the awesome efforts of our customers and partners. On our end, this labor of love never ends, but for you, the show will officially kick off in less that 45 days! Don't believe me? Check out the countdown clock for yourself! In the meantime, here are 5 things that NEED to be on your to do list for when you're in the city. San Francisco is an incredible place - it's why we bring the show back to the bay year after year. If you're from our neck of the woods, then you know why we love it so much, but especially if you're from outside the area, it's a surprisingly big place brimming with adventure. You've got from May 18th through the 20th, so take our word for it - this is what you need to do!

1. Grab some Joe!

If there's one thing you have to do to start your adventure into San Francisco, it's grab a good cuppa' Joe. San Francisco is renowned for their inventive and expressive coffee scene, and unless you're planning a trip up the coast in the near future, this is the best coffee you're likely to have all year. So hunt down a Blue Bottle distributor or make your way to a Philz, and start your day in the bay the right way (warning: coffee is not guaranteed to give you sweet rhyming skills). shutterstock_114120892 copy

2. Smell the Roses!

The Park and Panhandle area, just a stones throw away from the famous intersection of Haight and Ashbury, is one of the most beautiful areas of San Francisco. From the beautiful flowers and trees to the Japanese tea garden and the museums, this is one of the more enjoyable cultural hotspots. Check it out please! shutterstock_218976331


3. Go to Jail!

Have you seen Shutter Island? You can basically do that, just like, sans ghosts and Leo. Seriously though, Alcatraz offers a delightfully eerie look into the past life of the American penal system, and it's like, right there in the middle of the bay. Go take a ride out to the rock and check out those old prison digs! shutterstock_239675659

4. Break a Sweat!

Are you a fitness buff who needs to break a sweat even on vacation? Run or walk the Embarcadero, or Crissy Field to Golden Gate Bridge. Nothing like a scenic view and a coastal breeze to keep you motivated. If you want to try something new, look into Hiking Yoga. Their site promises guided hikes to beautiful vistas ending in some sun salutations and downward facing dog sure to make you “fall in workout love.” download_asset

5. Take in the View!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the panoramic view from the top of locally known “Turtle Hill” is easily worth a dictionary. No use describing this one, just get up there around sunset (5-7pm) to see one of the most iconic sights of the City. And while there are many ways to enter Grand View Park, the true SF way to play is to walk up the 16th street mosaic steps. Find the intersection of 16th and Moraga Street, and take a walk up a beautiful neighborhood-created work of art. download_asset-10