5 Ways Tech Can Help Reduce Workplace Distractions and Boost Sales Productivity

Emma Fulcher
Emma Fulcher
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Emma Fulcher is the Social Media Manager and Content Writer at Xactly. She attended San Jose State University where she received her degree in English.

In preparation for CompCloud 2017, we’re featuring guest blog posts from experts in the field of compensation, sales performance, and finance. This post is brought to you by Scott Sampson, Chief Revenue Officer at NewVoiceMedia. Based in San Francisco, Sampson has global responsibility for NewVoiceMedia’s sales and marketing functions. NewVoiceMedia is a Pro sponsor of CompCloud 2017.

A third of employees face up to three hours of workplace distractions every day. According to a recent survey, this adds up to 60 wasted hours a month and 759 wasted hours every year.

As a business, one of your top priorities should be to keep your sales team as productive as possible. However, too many salespeople become distracted by demands from management, company standards, noisy colleagues and more.

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For sales teams that spend too much time wading through corporate noise and not enough time doing what they do best, cloud-based inside sales and CRM technology can help seize back the initiative and boost productivity.

  1. Round-the-clock accessibility

Storing CRM data in the cloud offers anywhere, anytime access. It also frees salespeople from onsite computers, servers and distractions.

Stanford University professor Nicholas Bloom analyzed the performance of 16,000 call center workers. During a nine-month study, the employees who volunteered to work from home enjoyed a 13% increase in productivity, citing the less distracting and noisy environment as key reasons.

By providing round-the-clock accessibility, cloud CRM capabilities allow salespeople to become more agile by freeing themselves from interruptions.

  1. Fewer, short and more efficient meetings

Employees spend an average of 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings. While meetings will remain a necessary evil in many cases, using cloud-based collaboration software can help reduce the number of hours wasted on talking things over without resolution.

NewVoiceMedia’s inside sales platform reduces the need for so many scheduled meetings by making collaboration between teams and employees more fluid. It plugs straight into your CRM, providing full access to all your data by merging all communications channels without expensive, disruptive hardware changes.

  1. Automated admin

A recent blog by Salesforce revealed businesses that don’t invest in automation spend 71% of their time and resources on planning processes. If you think about how many time-consuming tasks your sales team undertakes every day, it’s not hard to see why.

Cloud-based automation tools take scheduling sales appointments, sending follow-up emails and many other repetitive tasks out of human hands. As a result, sales managers can provide their agents with more time to focus on activities that generate more sales and revenue.

  1. Robust disaster recovery

Computers provide the interface to our digital economy. But slow hardware and poor internet connections cause employees to lose 44 minutes of crucial working time every week, which costs the US economy billions every year.

Upgrading hardware, shedding unnecessary software and cleaning up hard drives can speed up your workforce’s computers significantly. Alternatively, enhanced virtualization can increase the efficiency of your old desktop computers, while reducing maintenance costs.

Virtualization works by hosting operating systems on offsite servers, reducing your carbon footprint, saving money and optimizing resources. Cloud-based inside sales technology also provides robust disaster recovery capabilities that reduce downtime in the case of interruptions and get your team back up and running immediately.

  1. Better time management

Every working day is made up seconds, minutes and hours. When you juggle workloads and fluctuating customer demands, telling yourself that not every second counts can be fatal. Setting designated slots for individual tasks instantly makes time less elusive and more controllable.

Workforce Management provides pinpoint time management capabilities to ensure sales agents are always there for your customers. Together with real-time reports from ContactWorld, its scheduling and forecasting abilities ensure you can optimize your resources to boost productivity and customer service levels.

To learn more about how NewVoiceMedia can help boost your sales, head over to our ContactWorld for Sales page. Or, to discover even more about taking your sales strategy to the next level, take a look at our selection of insight-packed whitepapers.


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5 Ways Tech Can Help Reduce Workplace Distractions and Boost Sales Productivity