5 Ways Xactly Show Me Can Help Sales Organizations

May 07, 2020
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As everything changes, so will sales teams. That's why we're unveiling Xactly Show Me—a solution designed to promote better visibility and transparency across sales organizations.

​It’s no surprise that it’s a challenging time. As we settle into the work from home routine, this abrupt change has forced companies to adapt overnight. And when the time comes to resume to a new normal, we will all be profoundly changed by the measures we’ve adopted during this time.

What does that really mean for the future of sales organizations? As everything changes, so will sales teams. To that end, this post is designed to tell you a little bit more about Xactly Show Me. It’s just the tool to include in your Xactly arsenal to promote better visibility and transparency with in-app embedded content. 

Here are five ways Xactly Show Me can help.


Supporting a Distributed and Remote Sales Team

1. Modern Workplace Support

At this point in the pandemic, a majority of workforces able to work from home have been doing so for weeks, even months. With no particular end date in sight, the immediate shift to embrace digital connection has become mission-critical. 

In order to deliver a better user experience, Xactly Show Me is designed to support Xactly products with built-in notifications, that are easy to create and push out to the end-user. Both admins and sales reps can benefit from this application, whether they are using Xactly for incentive compensation management or for their greater Sales Performance Management initiatives—without a heavy burden of implementation or significant financial cost. 

Down the line, if a sales organization is looking to create a synergy between usage and ROI in tech investment, these types of feature investments can help deliver efficiencies long after we can return to the office.

2. Onboarding

To piggyback on the first point, Xactly Show Me can be leveraged for a better understanding of processes and explanations down the line.

For example, sales reps may not be versed in using incentive compensation software to track their commissions.  Or, to even know how to understand their incentive statement. The delay in understanding where their comp is coming from, how it is credited, and so on, can translate into issues with motivation, performance, and more. 

With Xactly Show Me, an admin can build in a guided tour of the application that is easy for a rep to follow. The admin can also highlight important areas within a dashboard, making sure a rep revisits that area upon each login. 

Especially with remote workforces, documenting this process and having it live directly within the app will only help alleviate questions over time.

3. Knowledge Retention

How many people within your organization are tasked with administering sales compensation? Of course, this depends on the size; however, usually, it’s one or a small handful responsible for a larger amount of sales reps. Most likely that admin is extremely busy, works tirelessly, and does so day in and day out to administer compensation that’s accurate and correct every month. 

These folks are sitting on a crucial amount of tribal knowledge, and should they leave the organization—that knowledge and process could be lost without proper documentation. Xactly Show Me can help the admin build those processes directly into the app eliminating common questions, creating a content repository over time, and also helping to digitize manual operation and user guides. 

Aside from the technology aspect and the creation of repeatable processes, this is an investment in the longevity and happiness of those responsible for the important tasks that keep your sales organization running.

4. Broad Announcements

Another application of Xactly Show Me is the ability to create announcements that can be both broad and specific. Since everyone uses Xactly in their own way, Show Me helps boost motivation and performance with in-app notifications.

Broadly broadcast SPIFS, President’s Club, and other relevant announcements to the audiences that need to hear them. Or send a notification to a specific set of reps in a certain region or with a certain title. Help foster that end of quarter push with pop-ups, tips, and more that meet the reps where they are.

5. Organizational Maturity

As we’ve mentioned a handful of times, when organizations undertake any form of technology investment, it’s usually for the long term rather. With Xactly Show Me, it’s the perfect overlay into the adoption of a Sales Performance Management platform like Xactly. With numerous use cases, it helps augment the investment you’ve already made, create repeatable processes and efficiencies, and become more data-driven as an organization.

To learn how Xactly Show Me can be a fit for your organization, please contact us for a demo today.

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Michelle Howard
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Michelle Howard is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Xactly Corp., responsible for the strategy and go-to-market activities for Xactly Insights, SimplyComp, and Objectives. She has a strong background in product marketing for software companies in the events, telecom, internet marketing and insurance industries and is inspired by the applications of data across all of them.