What Would You Do with 90% of Your Time Back?

4 min read

This week, Xactly customer Phil Lacorte of Host Analytics joined industry peers for a Salesforce AppExchange Connected Leader Webcast. The session brought together progressive thinkers in the Salesforce community to discuss how they are using automation apps from AppExchange to supercharge their business and increase efficiences and results. Phil’s story can be summed up in this one powerful data point – 90 percent. But before we define what that 90 percent represents, let me share a bit of the backstory. When Phil joined Host Analytics the company was managing sales compensation on spreadsheets across 12 plans and 40 plus sales reps. Each month the team would pull data from Salesforce CRM into grids and start the painstaking process of calculating commissions. It would take the Sales Operations team more than a week before they could get payments out the door. And as sales reps had no visibility into their performance, they wasted valuable time shadow accounting and disputing statements at the end of pay periods. Something had to change. A former Xactly customer, Phil knew just who to call. Within two weeks, Host Analytics was up and running on Xactly and had fully automated their commission initiatives in the cloud. Using Xactly has virtually eliminated commission errors and restored trust in the numbers for both Sales and Finance. In addition, the platform has helped Host Analytics use compensation more strategically to drive performance. Reps can easily view their commissions through their Salesforce dashboard, so Xactly is helping drive greater adoption of that platform amongst sales people. Moreover, they are able to use the Xactly Incentive Estimatorfeatures to run “what-if” scenarios and easily see how adjusting the structure of a deal can help them maximize their commission. According to Lacorte, this level of transparency and information has really helped morale, retention, and been a key driver in helping meet the corporate objective of selling multi-year deals. The cherry on top? Host Analytics was able to achieve all of this while reducing the time it takes to manage its monthly sales compensation process by 90 percent….from one week down to less than four hours. Now, Host Analytics has the right platform and support team in place to continue to optimize their plans and approach to drive greater sales success. For example, they can easily introduce accelerators such as SPIFs to drive desired sales behaviors and outcomes – something that would have been extremely difficult on spreadsheets. There you have it, an Xactly and Salesforce love story with a happy ending. After all, hasn’t the world had enough heartbreak this week with the break-up of Brangelina?