Achieving Compensation Success in an Increasingly Mobile World

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Compensation management is a complex science. It involves keeping a sales team on the same page, sometimes when they’re not even on the same continent, and leveraging the strength of innate human behaviors to succeed in the long term.

As the mobile technology market transforms today’s marketplace, there is one question that all companies must ask – How can we use this trend to better incentivize and challenge our mobile employees to meet their own personal goals while aligning those goals with corporate objectives?

Gartner expects smartphone sales to soar 56%, to $467.6 million in 2011. The company also says that tablet sales will grow nearly four times, to $69.8 million within the year—showing that mobile systems will be a major component of the marketplace in the years to come. In response, companies are introducing solutions to help their customers streamline their compensation management processes and adapt their workflow to include mobile technology.

At the recent Dreamforce 2011 conference, salesforce unveiled, an intuitive HTML5-based system that will allow clientele to utilize salesforce applications across all touch screen platforms. Studies have shown that this real-time access to performance data is one of the keys to improving employees’ working behaviors.

This is one of the reasons why Xactly demo’ed native iOS versions of both Xactly Express and Xactly Incent for the iPad at #DF11. Both solutions are available on all mobile platforms, so sales reps can view their progress at any time from any location.

Intrinsic motivators are clearly the primary root to high performance. In the world of behavioral science that's not even controversial; the idea just hasn't migrated to business.”

—Daniel Pink, Author of the Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

Mobility for the Social Enterprise

As salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said during his #DF11 keynote address, this new worldwide emphasis on mobility has transformed all aspects of life, both personal and professional, as people around the globe now utilize social media via mobile platforms.

Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt agreed, saying top programmers are now building mobile applications first, and the next generation of start-ups will exclusively offer mobile services due to ease of format, low capital costs, and greater product flexibility.

The Results Speak for Themselves

The fact is, employees work more efficiently when given mobility and visibility—the mobility to react to changing dynamics in the field and the visibility to see how their work improves their overall success. As industry specialists call for mobile solutions, companies now require flexible mobile compensation automation products that will evolve with their business.

As some of Xactly’s customers said during our World at Work and Dreamforce breakout sessions, they have used mobile compensation automation to drive desired sales performance and rep behavior, as well as exceed revenue projections. All this is due to their employees being able to view their potential and actual rewards in real-time, allowing them to change their behaviors to improve organizational results.

As the science shows, the value for employees isn’t just in seeing their financial gains, but feeling a more instantaneous and intrinsic sense of gratification for their work. As Benioff said, the social enterprise is now.