That Awkward Moment When...

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Today is National Awkward Moments Day. And in our business, there is nothing that has created more awkward moments than calculating sales compensation on spreadsheets. You know those moments…the one where you tell your boss one set of numbers, only to realize there was an error in the calculation…AWKWARD… So today, we celebrate those moments in hopes that you learned from them and quickly moved on to an automated compensation system. Here’s to that awkward moment when…

You discover Sales and Finance are all on totally different pages. They just can’t seem to bring it in for the hug:

You discover the numbers on the spreadsheet are straight up incorrect…again!!

You’re not a runner, but at this point would rather run a marathon than spend the hours manually calculating this quarter’s comp:

Sales shot for the moon on their plan and didn’t consult finance…and it was totally unrealistic:

You tell your sales rep his commission check was wrong and you need to clawback a few thousand dollars:

A rep asks his sales manager where he is, in relation to his quota goal for the quarter…and that information is not even close to being readily available:

You’re STILL working on making something out of this endless spreadsheet data and realize all your productivity for today has gone down the drain:

A sales rep gets his commission check and the numbers are WAY off what he himself was shadow accounting:

You tell your CFO you were off on the sales comp numbers after they have stated revenue:

And, finally …

You realize you’ll never be Beyoncé...but you can switch to Xactly and never face another awkward spreadsheet moment again. #Winning:

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