Benefits of a Bad Boss

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Here at Xactly we like silver linings, especially when it comes to handling a nightmare manager like the one in last week’s incent fail story.

Chances are at some point in your life (or currently), you’ve suffered through poor management style or a terrible boss. On this week’s podcast of The Boss Show” by Jim Hessler and Steve Motenko, publicist Paige McDaniel of Three Girls Media shares some horror stories, personalized incentives gone right, and the surprising benefits of a bad boss.

It may sound like a paradox, but give this podcast a quick listen and you might look at your boss in a whole new light. If you’re suffering through another day with a manager who doesn’t understand that you’re a person and not just another cog in their machine, check out the podcast and the rest of our post for ideas on how to see the glass half full – at least until you find your way to a company that hires competent managers and incents right.

Boss a lemon? Make lemonade!

  • Bad bosses are the ultimate test of your social skills. Kill them with kindness for your own survival.
  • You learn new ways to cope with difficult people and challenging conversations.
  • You’ll become more self-sufficient since you probably won’t go to your boss with problems.
  • Surviving a huge obstacle like a bad boss makes you stronger.
  • You’ll  realize that your impact on people at work is probably larger than you can imagine.
  • It teaches you not to take things personally.

Personally, we still prefer a great boss. Yet, when life gives you lemons, we suggest making lemonade. If your boss hasn’t gotten on the whole “treating their employees like humans” thing, you have two choices.

  1. Stick it out and take up Zen yoga while repeating the above list, or,
  2. Take a cue from Gen Y (and Paige!) and take your talents elsewhere if you don’t feel fulfilled, motivated, or respected.


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