Better Forecasting & Change Management With Xactly Forecasting

Jan 05, 2022
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It’s been over a year since I switched from manual forecasting to intelligent forecasting with Xactly Forecasting. Here’s how it’s helped me with change management and more.

I spoke with a VP of Revenue Operations the other day. I wanted to learn about their sales forecasting process and how they roll up their numbers. As you can imagine, the process consisted of updating several spreadsheets and long phone calls. They were double guessing and ultimately relying on gut feelings. After the call, I had to laugh a little. It’s been over a year since I lived that life and completely changed the way I forecast using Xactly ForecastingTM.

Towards the end of the call, I let this VP in on my secret. I’ve actually been using an intelligent forecasting solution for some time. That brought up an interesting point: the challenge of change management when implementing new tech. They had concerns about adoption and adding complexity to their team’s day-to-day processes. And what about the many systems they have to maintain with a mountain of data they don’t know what to do with?

As we discussed the process of change management, I thought back to where I was a year ago. I know how difficult it was to trust that there was a better way forward.

But the past year has taught me otherwise. In my experience, using forecasting technology helps drive the adoption of new sales processes. Eliminating spreadsheets quickly gets the entire Go-to-Market (GTM) team singing from the same sheet of music. 

Alignment and the use of best practices for our own unique GTM motion are critical to driving growth in today’s complex markets.

At Xactly, we run our forecast, deal reviews, pipeline health calls, and quarterly planning all out of Xactly Forecasting. In calls with my managers and sellers, we review deals, health scores, and next steps all out of the solution. When rolling up my forecast to the CRO, we review my commit and pipeline health. Then I walk him through the deals that back my call— the ones with momentum and deals that need help. It is a very clean, simple process that everyone follows. And it works.

I'm confident in those conversations because I know we're driving sales behaviors to ensure our data is clean. If there are risks in a key opportunity, I know about it immediately and can step in. I can review the health scores attached to every deal and understand if there’s more we can do to move them forward. And in the end, it helps our team be more efficient and more effective in how they sell. 

If you're living in excel, I promise there is a better way. I am happy to discuss how I use Xactly Forecasting and make sure everyone in my sales organization sings from the same sheet of music—and how you can too. Let’s set up a quick call today.

This blog was originally published by Mike Hockford on LinkedIn.

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Mike Hockford, Regional Vice President of Sales at Xactly
Mike Hockford
Regional Vice President of Sales

Mike Hockford is the Regional VP of Sales at Xactly. He is a skilled and tested sales leader with more than 20 years of experience in strategic account management and business development in the software industry.