Building a Revenue Engine for the Era of Constant Change: the Trends Driving Xactly Transform

May 13, 2021
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Revenue is key to driving and sustaining business growth, yet it's difficult for many businesses to do. Discover how our new complimentary service, Xactly Transform, helps organizations future-proof their revenue operations and accelerate their own digital transformation.

Growing up in and around New York City, I learned that change is constant. The city’s continuous evolution could be witnessed block by block. I was moved by the resiliency of people across the world this last year, and New Yorkers exemplified this. Even in the face of immense uncertainty, the 8.5 million New Yorkers who proudly call the city home are determined to write their next chapter and build the innovations of tomorrow. 

This ethos has found its way into my career as a technology leader at Xactly working with organizations of all sizes in growing sustainable revenue through digital transformation. Just as constant change is at the heart of cities like New York, continuous disruption has seeped its way into every board room, company all-hands, and quarterly business review. Revenue leaders are confronting what Accenture calls the “Never Normal” every single day.

Building companies that stand the test of time starts with revenue intelligence and performance. Why? Because revenue is the growth engine that helps organizations weather market volatility and capitalizes on emerging tailwinds. 

Sales & Revenue Trends in 2021 and Beyond

The stakes have never been higher in the Digital Era for changing the way organizations deploy technology, enable teams, and streamline workflows to drive revenue outcomes. Yet, Accenture found that 93 percent of companies say their very existence is jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep up with the pace of disruption.

Trends are just as stark when it comes to operational efficiency and team productivity. Only 15 percent of organizations have been able to grow their revenue and expand their margins over an extended period of time (McKinsey: Growth Imperative) and only six percent of revenue leaders are confident about their team’s ability to meet or exceed revenue goals going forward (Gartner: 4 Strategies to Rev Up B2B Sales Growth in 2021). 

With these challenges in mind, Xactly has launched a complimentary service called Xactly Transform to help organizations future-proof their revenue operations and accelerate their own digital transformation. Our goal for this offering is to help companies develop an effective strategy for their revenue transformation, build the business case for these initiatives, and establish a clear and achievable value-driven roadmap. 

Revenue transformation is a continuum and even the most mature revenue operations benefit from slowing down to speed up. With over 16 years of experience in revenue intelligence and performance, Xactly is uniquely positioned to empower leaders to build the right revenue engine to compete and thrive in today’s Digital Era.

Everyone can benefit from a little New York brash in their lives, and companies are no different. Take the first step today, and learn more about Xactly Transform.

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Arnab Mishra
Arnab Mishra
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