A Case of the Mondays...on a Tuesday

6 min read

Coming back from the weekend is always tough, and it's even harder when you come back after a long weekend like today. But there are some ways to make sure you never have 'a case of the Mondays' again. Some may call me an over-planner, while others call me someone who likes to use my time in loving ways. Truth is? Time, and the way you spend it is important. What we do on our days off is just as important as the days we spend working at the office. Take a moment to think about the different ways you spend your weekends; make a list now. From a non-judgmental point of view, start to notice which activities drain your energy tank, causing Monday to be a much harder hill to climb than usual.

  • Are there things you participate in that consistently bring you down?
  • Maybe there’s a group of people where after you spend time with them you have a hard time getting back into a positive mood?
  • Now take a closer look at the activities that bring you joy, the ones that don’t feel like work.
  • Maybe you’re in a club that has meetings every other Saturday? You leave each meeting feeling refreshed and excited for all the new ideas you came up with.
  • Perhaps you notice if you do something outside in nature it brings you peace of mind and helps to relieve stress.

Pay attention to the experiences and situations that support a successful, engaged, and productive week. These are the things you should spend your time doing on the weekend as much as possible. I think we could all agree, a great work week is a heck of a lot easier to have when it starts with a happy Monday. Here are some weekend factors to keep in mind as we begin to say 'no' to activities that bring us down, and YES to the ones that light us up, give us energy, and help us reset for the work week ahead!

Weekend Plans

I’m all for doing it all. Trust me, I’m a recovering ‘yes person’ but it can be hard! Especially as weather heats up and there are more and more events to attend. But it’s important to keep wellness in mind and put it first as often as possible. Throughout the week there is definitely that go-go-go mentality, I sometimes feel pretty pooped by Thursday but gain a second wind on Friday solely because of the fact that the weekend is near. Pay attention to your body’s subtle messages to rest. It’s okay to pass on a jam-packed weekend in order to rest up. Resting IS an activity. This is something I need to keep in mind, and I’m pretty sure will continue to learn (most likely my entire life).

Clear Your Head

Whether resting to you is napping, reading, or maybe yoga you need to clear your negative energy to avoid bringing it into a new week. This will help you maintain energy and rock it throughout the entire work week ahead. When we are feeling good, it invites more good to come into our lives. There’s no reason to run out our energy tank just to do it all over again throughout the week. It will catch up to you. Take the extra YOU-time, it’s not selfish it’s mandatory!

Clear Your Space

As we move through life we accumulate so much stuff, and by stuff, I mean stuff we don’t even need! Have you ever moved houses or apartments? Every time I’ve moved I was amazed at how much stuff I had. Where did it all come from?! I’ve been donating a lot of clothes, books, and other random things the past couple weeks. I feel great, who knew getting rid of a pair of shoes or six would be so comforting. Just as we clear negative thoughts in our head by journaling, or working out we need to be mindful of clearing our physical space as well. After all, it brings more room for new shoes, right? Bottom line: Take time for YOU. Reflect a little on activities, people, and events that are going to fill up your weekend with joy and set you up for a week full of happiness, productivity, and engagement at work.