Christopher Cabrera Talks Leadership and Staying Above the Drama With The New York Times

To stay relevant and competitive, companies must continuously reinvent themselves. See what Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera had to say about reinvention and his life.

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Over the weekend, Xactlians everywhere were delighted to see Xactly’s Founder and CEO, Christopher W. Cabrera, interviewed by Adam Bryant in The New York Times. We were thrilled with the feature, and especially pleased that Bryant gave people outside the company such a realistic window into what it’s really like to work at Xactly.

The interview delved into Chris’s upbringing, his early professional career, his current mind-set as the CEO of a public company, and advice for other leaders seeking to create a low-drama culture. Anyone that has worked at Xactly is keenly aware of how much Cabrera’s father influenced his leadership style, and according to Cabrera, “Some of the best lessons I’ve learned came from my father, in terms of the way he treated his employees.

On the day before Thanksgiving, we’d load up his station wagon with frozen turkeys, and we would deliver them to each one of his employees.” Weaving core values into every facet of the business is clearly key to building the kind of culture you want for your company, and part of creating a thriving culture is to limit unnecessary drama.

Throughout the interview, Chris emphasized the importance of not feeding drama if you want to eliminate it. He said that at a previous company, he “realized that [he] was becoming part of the problem, and almost giving credibility to the drama. In most cases it was usually petty stuff, and the energy we spent on it didn’t help move the ball forward in the business.”

During the interview, Cabrera also had an opportunity to discuss reinvention. He encourages people to “just keep reinventing as time goes on, and part of that reinventing is constantly challenging each other about what could we do better, and what could we do differently.” This advice has served Cabrera well throughout his life, as he has successfully transitioned between various roles both personally and professionally. 

Read the full article to discover more about how Christopher W. Cabrera focuses on diversity, fairness, and limiting drama in the workplace.