Companies Can’t Afford to Miss the Post-Sales Data Boat

Christopher Cabrera
Christopher Cabrera
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Christopher W. Cabrera is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He brings more than two decades of successful senior management experience at both early-stage and public companies to his role as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xactly Corporation.

Pre-sales data drives sales. Post-sales data – who bought what, for how much – drives profits. Linked together, companies get more of both.

These days, companies of all sizes have revolutionized their pre-sale information with CRM applications. Sales representatives use them to manage the sales pipeline as efficiently as possible.

But what about post-sales data?

For many, post-sales information is scattered across a variety of systems — including ERP, HR and payroll. Often, it’s bound up in spreadsheets.

Some companies are retiring those cumbersome spreadsheets and centralizing post-sales data into a single sales compensation management system.

This radically changes the landscape for post-sales data, just as CRM optimized the sales pipeline.

The game-changing starts with clean data on what has been sold, to whom, at what margins, through which channels, in which regions and at what price.

With this information, companies can:

  • Better design compensation programs
  • Keep compensation programs relevant
  • Accurately forecast commission exposures
  • Stay responsive to opportunities

And that’s just the start.

When post-sales data is easy to access and easy to use, sales reps can see in real-time how they will be compensated for selling the things the company wants them to sell, such as higher-margin products.

They can even run “what-if” scenarios to determine how to structure a sale for maximum payout of commissions, bonuses, and special incentives.

Combining that information with pre-sale information, reps can focus on profitable sales.

With a truly strategic compensation plan in place, what is most profitable for the company is also most profitable for each rep.

Post-sales data makes those profits happen.


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Companies Can’t Afford to Miss the Post-Sales Data Boat