CompCloud 2017 – Day One

5 min read

After months of planning, CompCloud 2017 is finally here and in full swing. CompCloud, the ultimate gathering of sales compensation experts, lets us celebrate the success our customers have achieved through incentive compensation and also empowers them to build on their success through dozens of workshops and educational sessions. However – above all else – CompCloud gives us the opportunity to provide our guests with an amazing experience. Day One definitely set the bar high. While it’s impossible to capture everything in a single blog, below are several top takeaways from the day’s numerous activities, sessions, and keynotes.

Leading Performance Through Motivation

The Day One keynote was kicked off by Xactly Founder and CEO Chris Cabrera, with long time customers, Salesforce and Cox Automotive. Both shared the power of incenting right through “intelligent” data and technology. In his keynote, Chris also spoke about the importance of Xactly’s partnerships to deliver on your success. With our worldwide partners and our open API platform Xactly Connect™, businesses can seamlessly integrate their compensation and performance data with other best-in-class solutions. Customers, such as Cox Automotive, are pushing millions of transactions through Xactly Connect every month. But, at the end of the day, the true power of incentive compensation lies in motivating human beings. The biggest value that Xactly delivers to customers is the ability to effectively motivate their employees. Justin Ritchie of Cox Automotive summed it up perfectly, “We’re not just here to calculate commissions. We want to inspire our people to create an unstoppable sales force.” People that are inspired can accomplish anything, and Xactly wants to be the best at inspiring teams to win by focusing on performance management. Xactly’s vision is to empower every company to incent right – and inspiration provides the why behind driving desired behaviors.

Keeping Innovation Ongoing

Innovation should never stop. The companies that succeed are always thinking ahead to what customers will need – before they even know they need it. And we delivered that innovation in full force at CompCloud 2017. With another Xactly industry “first,” we unveiled the industry’s first DIY automated incentive compensation solution – Xactly SimplyComp™. Specifically designed for sales teams with up to 25 reps, Simply Comp allows companies to build and manage compensation plans in minutes! We also announced the next generation of Xactly Insights™ – Xactly Insights for Sales – empowering leaders to drive greater success with deeper insights and prescriptive analytics. Xactly’s role is to stay at the forefront driving this space and delivering more value across our product line – through machine learning, do-it-yourself functionality, seamless integrations, and much more.

Being Open to Change to Grow

Life is about adapting – and, as we heard from guest speaker Amy Purdy – sometimes we must let go of the old in order to embrace the new. As she learned during her own personal journey: “Why be ordinary when we have the opportunity to be extraordinary?” When there are problems to solve, we can grow in our abilities and creativity – and daydream about new and better paths. With the advancement of AI and machine learning, the incentive compensation market is changing fast – and Xactly is leading the charge. We are grateful to have our customers with us on this adventure and to provide you with solutions that make a difference for your business. That was just Day One! With another couple of days remaining, there’s plenty more to come at CompCloud 2017.