How Corporate Social Responsibility Inspires Performance

Aug 05, 2019
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Workplace culture has a big impact on employee engagement and morale. Learn how corporate social responsibility can motivate and inspire employee performance.

Corporate social responsibility makes up the philanthropic, charitable, and cultural initiatives an enterprise supports in addition to their business goals. Many times, organizations embrace these initiatives as a part of their company culture, encouraging employees to volunteer and be involved in efforts throughout the year and even outside the office. 

How Volunteering Improves Performance

92% of HR leaders believe volunteering improves employee morale, leadership, and job skills, according to a recent Deloitte survey. Ironic as it may sound, encouraging employees to get out of the office and work together at a volunteering or charitable event increases performance. According to Prialto, volunteering boosts productivity in four key ways: 

  1. Improving skillsets and problem solving
  2. Lowering stress levels
  3. Strengthening workplace relationships and communication
  4. Enhancing job satisfaction

It's important to note that employees with lower stress levels and better workplace relationships are happier at work. According to Gallup, employees who are satisfied in their job are 21% more productive and 27% more likely to perform well. United Health Group also found that 64% of employees feel a stronger, closer relationship with their coworkers after volunteering together.

Silicon Valley's Work With Corporate Social Responsibility 

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has long been vocal about the need for companies to give back, and leaders are listening- and acting. Since the founding of the company, Salesforce has unleashed several corporate social responsibility initiatives through and the 1/1/1 pledge.

This pledge urges technology leaders to commit to trying to solve society’s biggest problems by donating one percent of their time, product, and equity to the causes and people that need it most. Benioff has led by example, with donating more than 53 million in grants, 580,000 hours of community service, and providing product donations for over 20,000 nonprofits.

Other Silicon Valley organizations have followed suit, granted on a smaller scale, by making the decision to weave social consciousness into company culture. Ooyala, a privately held company in Mountain View that provides online video technology products and services, has made it a priority to incorporate volunteerism into its culture.

Ooyala Cares is a community group within Ooyala aimed at providing services, and giving back to local and national organizations. Employees have chosen causes that are personally important to them ranging from The Humane Society to Second Harvest Food Bank. Priya Patel, Sr HR Coordinator at Ooyala said, “Volunteering with co-workers is incredibly fulfilling. It feels good to help those in need, while getting to know the people I work outside of the office." Here at Xactly, Benioff’s message, and the need for corporate social responsibility has long resonated.

Xactly's Work to Better Communities

Over fourteen years ago, when the company was founded, Xactly CEO Christopher Cabrera established the company's four CARE values—Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence to guide employees everyday in the office. He also created the philanthropic branch of the company, XactlyOne so employees would have a chance to make a difference in the communities where we live and work. 

In 2018, Xactly held the first ever C.A.R.E. Week. Founded from from the idea of one employee in the organization, C.A.R.E. Week is an annual company-wide initiative for employees to share in Xactly’s core values and share the impact of our organization on a daily basis. This international, week-long celebration is filled with opportunities for employees and customers to unite and unleash human potential in our communities across the globe. 

At Xactly's user conference in 2019, Xactly Unleashed, we partnered with with to celebrate strong female leaders in technology and all women across the globe that unleash the potential of those around them continuously. Together, we raised $25,000 at our Women on the Rise event.

To date, the XactlyOne Foundation has supported hundreds of local organizations in the communities of our international offices in San Jose, Denver, London, and more. In fact, "XactlyOne has raised over $20,000 in donations for the American Cancer Society, a cause that is close to my heart. I've lost loved ones, just like many other Xactlians, and I'm thankful that Xactly enables me to be part of the cure. You just have to care and show up to make a difference."

Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Organization

Corporate social responsibility benefits all parties who get involved: the company, the community, and employees. Not only does it improve employee morale—it also improves productivity and performance. We can only hope that more companies continue to discover the value of incorporating philanthropy into their corporate cultures. We’re excited to see more and more people getting inspired to make a difference as the movement continues to grow.

Want to learn more ways to inspire employees? Download the guide, "Inspiring Sales Rep Performance."

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