Countdown to Dreamforce from a First-timer

4 min read

As Dreamforce ’16 approaches, chances are your feeds, inboxes, and blog subscriptions are all focused around the much anticipated conference in an incredibly excited way. Full disclosure: I have never attended Dreamforce. From what I hear, it’s a huge event. I want to put my unique Dreamforce experience (or lack thereof) to good use, and share what I’ve been told to expect while on the showroom floor.

It’s crawling with thought leaders

I can’t count how many times people have name-dropped impressive, well-known conference keynote speakers. And, after researching on my own, I’ve found they’re right. Dreamforce is full of industry influencers, analysts, and niche experts. To name a few: Jessica Alba showed up last year, Tony Robbins is expected this year, and NASA astronauts Captain Scott Kelly and Captain Mark Kelly are designated to speak too. I’m excited to have the chance to listen to these outstanding influencers discuss the topics and causes near and dear to them.

Networking! Networking! Networking!

Dreamforce attracts a diverse group of attendees: executives, administrators, health providers, finance services, government and more. Get ready to do some serious hand shaking, because this event guarantees you’ll be making more connections than ever. There are too many parties, kickbacks and meet and greets to count, so you’d be wise to decide what hangouts to check out ahead of time. Don’t forget to include Xactly on your networking tour—we’ll be at booth #1719 in Moscone South.

It’s good for the soul

One of the greatest aspects of Dreamforce is that it highlights several charities for attendees to contribute to. This year Dreamforce is teaming up with (RED) to raise awareness and funding to prevent AIDS. There will also be an amazing benefit concert featuring U2, with proceeds going to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, to help support disease research. If that wasn’t already great, all week attendees will be given a chance to give back, and change the life of someone less fortunate. Don’t forget to follow along on social all week with #DFGives.

Wear comfy shoes

Nearly every person I’ve talked to warns me (very dramatically I might add) that it is imperative I bring comfortable, supportive walking shoes. Dreamforce is set in multiple venues in downtown San Francisco, which means sometimes you have to high-tail it to the other side of campus many times throughout the day. Events are featured in the Moscone Center, Marriott Marquis, InterContinental, The Palace Hotel, Hilton Union Square, and The Park Central, and different meet-and-greets are held at other off-campus venues. The last thing you want during your busy day are your feet to start screaming at you. So there you have it, the tips and tricks I’ve been told to expect at Dreamforce 2016. I’m anxious to see you in San Francisco in just 4 weeks!