Creating SaaS Partner Ecosystems

3 min read

Xactly Corporation and RightNow Technologies have more in common than a great name, but who are we to disagree to the smart folks at Much more than a marriage of convenience, Xactly and RightNow share a singular vision of the software landscape as it relates to the needs of mid-sized businesses. That is, customers win when like-minded software companies work together. It is for this reason that Xactly is expending considerable resources to expand the scope of its partner program.

Xactly is the most tightly integrated sales compensation management solution with and has set its sights on creating a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) partner ecosystem that enhances the value of customer investments in these solutions. For further information on Xactly partners and its Partner Program, visit the Partners section of the Xactly web site.

Xactly understands that customers are laser-focused on deploying on-demand solutions from adjacent and naturally synergistic application areas. That's why you see Xactly partnering with CRM vendors Oracle and RightNow in addition to CRM and sales compensation management are two critical components of sales performance management and customers are insisting these solutions integrate seamlessly.

Likewise, Xactly has partnered with on-demand talent management vendor SuccessFactors to unite the Xactly compensation management solution for sales staff with the SuccessFactors compensation system for the general employee population.

Meanwhile, users of financial software appreciate Xactly's ability to interface with on-demand software leader Intacct, while other customers plan on leveraging Xactly's partnership with for expense management and Right90 for sales planning. Establishing a SaaS partner ecosystem centered around sales performance management – Xactly's mission for its partner program - is not a cliché.

Sales is the lifeblood of any company, and ensuring sales effectiveness is paramount to staying competitive. Unfortunately, business processes to automate sales performance management historically have been non-existent, broken, or islands of disconnected point solutions. Through its network of SaaS partner friends, Xactly intends to change all that.