Dreamforce HACKS

5 min read

If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s just ONE WEEK left before Dreamforce! You’ve hopefully mapped out the sessions you’re attending and what objectives you hope to accomplish while you’re there, and now it’s almost time for the event itself. With everything else you have to remember for Dreamforce, you can’t forget certain essentials to keep you going for the whole week! The conference will be swarming with professionals – just like you – looking to connect and make a lasting impression. How will you survive the week? What will help you stand out? We have some tips to help you leave Dreamforce 2016 confident and accomplished:

Agenda builder

Dreamforce consists of 1,600+ sessions, 400+ theaters, 100+ hours of hands-on training, and 25 workshops. These numbers don’t even include off-campus events! To ensure you allocate your time and energy wisely, use the agenda builder. Salesforce lists simple steps when getting started: begin with your role, layer the products and themes you’re interested in as well as industry. Then, you can pick and choose what you want to spend time on.

Firm handshake

This one is basic, but it’s also necessary. Your handshake directly influences what the contact will remember of you. Did you firmly shake their hand with confidence, while looking them in the eyes? Or did you shyly accept their introduction, without bringing any real value to the connection? The choice is yours.


Dreamforce will have you going and going, with limited opportunities to refuel. Make sure you pack adequate snacks to keep your energy up. Dried fruit, trail mix, granola bars, or beef jerky are great options. Anything that is easy to grab, throw in your backpack, or munch on between sessions will be helpful.

Digital business cards

Business cards provide a nice touch when meeting and greeting. But who has the time (and dexterity), to handle a ton of slippery business cards? Make it easier on yourself and download a virtual business card app. WatchCard or CamCard makes sharing contact information incredibly simple, and gives you more time to focus on establishing a sincere connection, without the mess.

Be careful with the libations

This advice applies to everyone. After the tasks for the day have been said and done, it’s not unusual to find alcohol freely flowing at the many social gatherings of Dreamforce. While your hard work does deserve some celebration and praise, it’s imperative you keep your wits about you. Keep it simple: know your limits.

Mnemonic devices

If you’re not good with names, or get easily flustered meeting large groups of people, try a memory trick. The Internet houses many tips to keep you addressing your new contacts confidently while you’re working at Dreamforce. One quick tip for remembering people that you meet: associate their name with a vivid image. For example, after you meet John, you could (in your head) say to yourself, “John jumps around like a jumpy kangaroo.” It’s silly, and it’s simple, but it’s better than scrambling to recall John’s name when you’re introducing him to someone else. Have other Dreamforce HACKS that we didn’t include? Tweet us @Xactly!