Dreamforce Hot Spots-5 Awesome Booths to Notice

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Walking around the expo hall the last few days, you couldn’t help but notice all of the amazing booth designs. While everyone brought their booth A-game, some companies stood out with their creativity and originality. Read on for some Dreamforce booth inspiration.

1. FinancialForce

Financial force proved  that sometimes off the human side of your company pays off. I mean, who doesn’t like a cute kid?  A large graphic of a little girl dressed in a suit caught my attention immediately, while also showing that the company doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Pic 1













2. Pardot

Dreamforce is a hectic event, and any booth that has a couch has my name written all over it. Pardot capitalized on the idea that the event can be overwhelming, and people may need and appreciate greatly a place to sit a spell, and used that inspiration to craft a booth that is positively lived-in. They really nailed the atmosphere of comfort this year.

Pic 2













3. RelateIQ

Relate IQ showed that sometimes it’s simplicity that draws our attention. With clean, academic lines and a bright intellectual aesthetic, RelateIQ has us feeling like brushing up on some new knowledge. They even have desk chairs to complete the back-to-ivy league feel, married with a technical beauty that absolutely drew us in.

Pic 3













4. DocuSign

Juice, you guys. That’s all I’m going to say. Delicious, delicious juice. Seriously, the DocuSign booth is predictably clean and efficient and beautiful, but where they really nail it is in the interactivity and incentive of tasty beverages. By featuring Pressed Juicery originals on their main corner, this booth was able to grab people nearby, as well as draw people by word of mouth. Very clever, much appreciated, please do this again guys.

Pic 4













5. Desk

Desk has a very bright and rustic appeal to it. With apparent brick and mortar walls and a brushed metal ceiling, this booth looks less like a convention stop and more like stepping into an upscale brownstone. It’s hard to compete directly with the energy and light from the main salesforce setup, but Desk was more than ready to handle the challenge with their booth.

Pic 5













So which booth did you think did a great job this year? Tweet us @Xactly and let us know!

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Dreamforce Hot Spots-5 Awesome Booths to Notice