Improve CRM Adoption with Internal Social Collaboration (Part 3 of 5)

The key to implementing CRM is getting sales team buy in. Here's what you need to know so your team can drive CRM adoption with internal social collaboration.

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The last two posts in my series on CRM focused on how sales managers can increase CRM adoption. Here, I’ll be taking a closer look how companies can motivate reps to use the social tools in CRM applications, improve data quality and cultivate strong sales performance. It’s simple.

Employees want to be social. They know it helps them sell. It also helps the company foster innovation and better collaboration. It creates a positive team atmosphere. In other words, you need people in your company to use applications such as Salesforce’s Chatter, so CRM adoption is important.

The savvy sales manager must promote the use of such CRM tools to create meaningful sales conversations that ultimately create new business.

Action Steps: How to Improve Social CRM Adoption

To capitalize on the use of internal use of social tools, sales compensation managers should limit classic “engagement objectives,” such as mass email blasts. Strategies may include:

  • Have executives use Chatter and follow strategic accounts: Applications can be configured to auto follow that big potential deal.
  • Install a Chatter adoption dashboard: Data stored here will allow management to reward power users and identify reps that aren’t engaging in the social CRM system.
  • Create groups that focus on accounts and opportunities: If an issue arises, Chatter posts will then go to all reps for a specific account.

Xactly’s customers have seen their CRM adoption rates improve after they starting using our products. For example, read Cascade’s testimonial. Xactly’s products can help prime your company to use  CRM more. Whenever finance calculates new sales numbers, they can let people know about it on their internal social tools. Your team wants fast access to their numbers, so they’ll log on.

User experience will define the success of your company’s CRM system. Motivate your reps to use your CRM’s social tools, and you’ll increase your ROI. Are you positioning your reps to win with your CRM’s social tools?