Enhancing Employee Morale and Showing We C.A.R.E.

Aug 19, 2020
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Over the past week, Xactly wrapped up our third annual C.A.R.E. Week—a celebration of our core company values and giving back to the community. Here’s how we were able to celebrate virtually and give back to our communities.

Over the past week, Xactly wrapped up our third annual C.A.R.E. Week—a celebration of our core company values and giving back to the community. This year, C.A.R.E. Week looked a bit different than in the past. We weren’t able to gather in-person to host our internal events and festivities—but in true Xactly fashion, we created as much fun and excitement as possible over video.

Kicking off a Global Week of Caring

Xactly teams across the globe kicked off the week with C.A.R.E. Week kits sent directly to their homes. In addition, the week was filled with virtual events showcasing our internal affinity groups, customer jeopardy, and non-profit organizations supported by the XactlyOne Foundation—and of course, there were plenty of C.A.R.E. Week Zoom backgrounds to go around.


This year, C.A.R.E. Week really became an event of bringing together our employees virtually to share appreciation and finding safe ways to give back to our communities. Xactly employees across the globe were able to take a break from work and tap into their crafty side by putting together KyndKits in support of different causes.


Support of our C.A.R.E. values also goes beyond just one week. In July, Xactly EMEA Solutions Consultant Matt Hobson participated in Football Beyond Borders, which supports disadvantaged young athletes to stay engaged in school and transition into adulthood. In the event, Hobson and two teammates ran 78 miles within the 24 hours requirement, raising a total of £5,545.

Raising Morale and Working Towards a Good Cause

Throughout this year, we have all had huge adjustments both in our professional and personal lives, and we’ve tried to make that transition as easy as possible for both our employees and customers.

We traditionally wrap up C.A.R.E. Week with a global day of giving, and research shows that volunteering improves morale and mental health—both of which are crucial in today’s world. This year, our offices took a day to get outside of our home offices and safely support our communities. Employees were encouraged to take the final day of the week to do something small in their community and also to take time to care for themselves.

C.A.R.E. is at the core of who we are and everything we do. Since our founding in 2005, the culture at Xactly has always been focused on creating a welcoming, diverse environment for employees, putting customers first, and giving back to the community. We are so thrilled that we get to share it with you every day (virtually for now), and safely in-person very soon!

Learn more about annual Xactly’s C.A.R.E. Week and XactlyOne Foundation, here.

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Karrie Lucero
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