Euro 2016: The Xactly Incent tournament

4 min read

Today's guest post is written by Tom Castley, Vice President, EMEA. Here in the Xactly London office, we’re getting pretty excited about Euro 2016 (that is, Europe’s biggest soccer competition). The UK team represents a range of different cultures so there’s an air of healthy competition amongst colleagues in anticipation of the on-pitch encounters. Added to this we’re running a Euro 2016 predictions competition, using our very own platform Incent, so the pressure is heating up! Xactly Incent ™ is our enterprise performance management platform, which is typically used to track salespeople against their incentive plans – allowing both reps and executives to see their projected commissions. But in honour of Euro 2016, we’ve configured an instance to follow the performance of the Xactly team and see how well they predict the outcome of each soccer match. The system was trialled for the Rugby Six Nations 2015, but thanks to our Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant Colin Shubrook, this time the scoring will be even more sophisticated. Xactly Euro 16 is a pretty straightforward competition. Each player will submit their score prediction through the Incent platform in advance of every match – these will be time-stamped, thanks to Incent’s normal functionality, so there’ll be no cheating! Each prediction can be awarded up to five points; correctly estimating which side will win (or a draw) is worth three points, with an extra point each for guessing the correct home or away team score. For example - correctly guessing an England win over Germany would score three points, while predicting an accurate scoreline of 6-0 would earn five. All participants in the Xactly Euro 16 will be able to track their own performance, just like regular Incent users. For salespeople, this is vital for seeing where they need to focus their efforts in order to improve their performance and maximise their earnings. Likewise for the players in this competition, this enables them to track the accuracy of their predictions: possibly highlighting the teams who are receiving undeserved faith. While Euro 16 is limited to countries within Europe to compete, the Xactly tournament has been opened to our colleagues in our US office, adding a more international flavour to our month of soccer. Incent stores data on each player, enabling Colin to set us up with real time ranking tables publishing the performance of the UK and US offices and help us all get seriously competitive! So, who will come out on top? Will our American cousins blow us away with their soccer knowledge? Who will prove to be the top Euro 16 predictor? Watch this space – we’ll be publishing all of our analysis at the end of the tournament. Of course, one thing is for certain: Xactly Euro 16 will add to the excitement of following the national teams in the race to be crowned soccer Champion of Europe!