Five Surprising Benefits of Great Sales Talent And Why It's Worth The Investment

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If you want your company's revenue to grow, you need to hire sales reps. Easy, right?

Of course, you shouldn't just hire any rep--you want to hire the best. For any company that markets products and/or services, the right reps can help you reach a much larger customer base, take orders, find opportunities, help to answer inquiries, and put a face to your company.

Hiring the best often comes down to offering the right sales compensation plan, providing an accurate job description, and ensuring the right expectations are set. It is critical to be on the same page with your team. You want team members who understand how to effectively under-promise and over-deliver. 

They create a focused environment

Every company has a culture, what's yours? With the right people, you can create a culture based on focus and productivity. The saying, "a rising tide lifts all boats," is true here.

One of the benefits of hiring great sales talent is that they help to raise the bar for the rest of your employees. You set a standard of excellence for the rest of your team. Even employees in other departments will see the focus it takes to hit revenue goals and may even start to implement similar strategies in order to get their work done.

Great sales reps understand that focus is required to stay on goal and to reach targets. Focused reps demand more of themselves and are often self-motivated. They can get organized and recognize what they need to do to achieve their targets. Furthermore, great reps do not wait on the sales manager to tell them how to make sales.

They have the drive, focus, and self-discipline to ensure a successful outcome. When you hire the best reps you create a more structured and focused environment that achieves results. These characteristics then rub off on every other employee and new hire--they get to watch and learn from the best.

Your company gains a reputation for hiring the best

Another benefit of hiring great sales talent is you give your company the reputation of only hiring industry leaders. Soon, word starts to spread, and everyone wants to be associated with your company. Who doesn't want to say they work for a company known for having top-notch employees?

Good habits tend to rub off on surrounding employees. While great sales reps will boost your revenue, they will also improve your organization's reputation. Then, when you create the right mix of balanced territories, you can prepare to see your sales skyrocket.

Employees will obtain a sense of pride in working for your company. They will be proud to share this fact. And, your customers will certainly know soon enough that you only hire the cream of the crop--so, naturally, they'll want to work with the best. Reputation enhancement is an unexpected benefit, but it is both powerful and verifiable.

To keep great sales talent, your company should always provide ongoing coaching and education. These should be a regular part of the job for your sales team. You should also consider bringing in prominent speakers or sponsoring trips to helpful sales conferences. The best sales reps are always looking for ways to improve their strategies. They also want to work for a company that will invest in their growth and success.

They don't base their outcomes on the economy

The economy goes up, and the economy goes down. The difference between a mediocre sales team and a great sales team is that the best people will excel in any economy. Why? Because they can create their own economy; they can run their own race and make things happen regardless of the environment.

This is the result of focus, drive, and self-motivation. Just because the economy has taken a dip doesn't mean your business has to shutter its doors. The condition of the economy should not have the last word in your business's growth. People still need to purchase products and services even in a poorer economy.

In fact, it is during a bad economy when consumers will be looking for products and services that help them increase in both efficiency and productivity. Great reps understand that purchases don't come to a halt, but processes may require a change in strategy and tactics to attract the right prospects.

They view problems as opportunities

Let's face it, every business faces problems. The most successful businesses always find creative solutions for overcoming those problems. Yet, that can only happen with the right talent in place. You can't force people to see problems as opportunities, it must be something they want to see.

Besides, if your company isn't in the business of problems (and solving them), it means it doesn't have true value. Average sales team members will see problems as an obstacle they don't want to overcome and may quit. On the other hand, great sales talent will persevere to find a way to overcome those dilemmas.

The best reps are focused on growth, and growth comes from reacting to problems effectively. They see problems as a way to adjust their tactics in order to be better off than before. Moreover, when people see problems as opportunities, it reduces the burden of stress.

Things become less intimidating. And, this positive mindset affects the entire team. Not to mention, every problem solved makes future issues easier to handle. It builds confidence. Reinforcing this positive mindset should also include adding the right compensation mix.

They look at their function as mini-entrepreneurs and business builders

Average sales talent will simply try to make a sale. In contrast, great sales talent think of themselves as entrepreneurs and business builders--which, they are. When you think beyond the sale, when you focus on the bigger picture, you're more likely to get the attention of the prospect and keep the pipeline flowing.

As a result, these types of sales reps will be more interested in what their managers have to say--and, more importantly, what their customers have to say. They want to survive beyond the sale; that takes an entrepreneurial mindset.

In conclusion

Hiring the right sales talent can positively impact your company's bottom line right away. These are the types of people who take themselves seriously enough to look beyond the next sale or economy dip. They are self-starters who are focused and can overcome problems with creative solutions.

They realize the crucial role they play and consider themselves business builders. These are the types of people you want on your team because they contribute to an atmosphere of excellence. And, when your company is knowing for hiring the best, you attract the best.