From San Jose to London: An Interview with Tim Bodourian

7 min read

At Xactly, we pride ourselves on our open company culture and being an organisation that offers its employees great opportunities to excel both in their careers and their personal lives. Late last month Tim Bodourian made the switch from working on the Xactly customer support team in San Jose to joining the growing UK office. We caught up with him to see how he’s getting on. Xactly: Hey Tim, thanks for joining us and becoming part of our UK family! Tim: No problem, it’s a pleasure to be here – it’s a cool place! Xactly: How are you finding London so far then? Tim: I’m really enjoying it. I came for a visit to London over the summer to prepare for my big move, and make sure it was the correct decision for me. I’ve been here three weeks now and it’s beginning to sink in that I live in London. Everyone I’ve met has been super friendly and helpful - which I hear is unusual for Londoners. So far so good! Xactly: That’s great to hear Tim. So what made you want to move over to London in the first place? Tim: It all happened very organically. I have always wanted to live abroad, and the opportunity came up in conversation with my manager back in San Jose. She mentioned that they were considering transferring one of our team members to the UK to help support their growth. I considered it would be a good move for me - both personally and for my career progression - in addition to helping the team over here. Once I expressed my interest it was a pretty quick and easy process! Xactly: So what was your role in San Jose and how has the transfer changed it? Tim: I’m a business analyst working on the global support team to help our clients – solving issues and providing service when they need it. My day to day job hasn’t changed too much, but I’m working with more European customers now. I’m also sharing my experience and knowledge from the US with the UK team which we can apply to our European customers. It’s really all about helping to grow and nurture our UK office. Xactly: How would you describe the difference in office culture between San Jose and London? Tim: I would say it’s actually quite mirrored to San Jose. It’s been really nice to see the Xactly values and work ethic travel across the Atlantic. It’s still the same company at its core, no matter where we are in the world. It is clear that we hire great people and we all want to make the company better and keep our core values at the heart of everything we do. It has made the transition all that much easier! Xactly: What challenges have you had to deal with since the move? Tim: The language barrier has been more of a challenge than I thought it would be! I find some accents are strong and tough to understand, so that is taking some getting used to. It was also a challenge to get my bank account and phone set up too, but now that that's all behind me I'm feeling more settled. On the work front the challenges are pretty similar, but we might address them differently to respect the relevant culture. Xactly: Is there anything you think you will miss about life in San Jose? (The sun perhaps?!) Tim: The Sun big time. Even in the coldest winters in California  you still get a few days of strong sun and the opportunity to go to the beach, which is amazing. The other would be the easy going attitude of California. People really go with the flow and smile a lot there. I have seen that people don’t smile as much here in London. Xactly: What kind of hobbies did you get up to in San Jose, and what are you finding yourself doing now that you’re in London? Tim: I was a big paddle boarder and loved to go out on the Monterey Bay on the weekend and whenever I had free time. It is super relaxing and there is nothing better than rowing with the ocean all around you. I hope I can find places to do the same here in London. I also really enjoy cooking and learning how to make all types of food. I think that hobby will be easier to continue in London once I find some people to cook for. Xactly: Well it sounds like you are getting settled and ready to embrace your time here. Thanks so much for speaking to us. Tim: Absolutely! And no problem, I am excited to be here and can’t wait for all of the experiences ahead. Who knows, I might be trailblazing for future transfers between the UK and US offices!