Game Changing Moment: The Oprah Opportunity


In our second installation of Game Changing Moments, we’re sharing Tracy Higginbotham’s story. Tracy is the President of Women TIES and although being featured on national television can be a major Game Changer, what she learned in the process is what really paved a new path. You can learn more about our series and read previous Game Changing Moments here.

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It was 1999, four years after I started my first company, and I was trying to gain local and national attention for my business. One day while watching the Oprah show, they asked for video submissions from viewers about what they had learned from the show and how it had impacted their lives. I decided to submit a video about using daily meditation every morning to start my business day.

A few weeks later I received a message from one of Oprah’s producers asking me to resubmit a video from my backyard. I also needed to send a photo of myself meditating. I was able to videotape myself by attaching a video camera to a ladder, but needed my 5-year-old son to take the photo! We rushed to have everything produced and sent to Chicago in 24 hours via FedEx.

The day after we shipped the package the producer called saying they hadn’t received it. With all the tenacity a start-up business owner could muster, I started calling every FedEx store in Chicago trying to track the package. This was an important deadline and I wasn’t going to miss being featured on Oprah because of delayed shipping. I ended up finding it en route and it was delivered in time!

One week later, my 30-second Oprah moment aired. It was definitely a personal game changing moment seeing myself on national TV, but what was even more monumental was the lesson I learned. I discovered if I had the motivation and heart to chase after this special marketing moment, I could succeed at being an entrepreneur. 19 years later I can tell you I have.


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