Gaming the Plan is Fair Game

Xactly Founder and CEO, Chris Cabrera released his book "Game the Plan." Here are six key takeaways for sales organizations to improve their performance.

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Here at Xactly, we are thrilled about the imminent release of Xactly Founder, President & CEO Christopher W. Cabrera’s revolutionary new book, Game the Plan: Every Sales Rep’s Dream; Every CFO’s Nightmare, a deep and thought provoking dive into the power of incentive compensation and the science of motivation.

The book’s intriguing foreword by Steve Cakebread, former CFO of, shares how he’s seen the principles of incentives and motivation work over his own career. He endorses a strategy that creates more engaged employees, drives the right behavior, and helps organizations meet their goals.

According to Cakebread, "this book is a can’t-miss for sales managers, reps, finance, and anyone interested in the science of motivation." The foreword also details Cakebread and Cabrera’s early relationship, and explores the genesis of Xactly. The two easily could have been rivals because Chris was in Sales, and Steve was in Finance. So, the story is the perfect beginning to a book that articulates why the age-old contention between Sales and Finance no longer needs to exist.

Learn how your company can benefit from a paradigm shift that says goodbye to viewing the two departments as adversaries.

6 Central Themes & Takeaways

1. Gaming the Plan is Fair Game

With the right sales incentive plan, a rep’s dream doesn’t have to be a CFO’s nightmare.

2. Incentives are Powerful

Since the beginning of time, incentives have been used to influence motivated behavior.

3. Access to Data Makes Designing Effective Incentives Easier than Ever

For the first time ever, you can combine academic, anecdotal, and empirical data to build incentive strategies that transform corporate culture.

4. Sales and Finance Can Play on the Same Team When Building Incentive Plans

Tools and strategies that provide transparency, accuracy, and efficiency bridge the gap between sales and finance leaders.

5. Incentive Compensation Plans Aren’t Just for Sales Reps

Data helps you make decisions that boost productivity and profits across every job function in each department, and harness the unique motivations of each employee.

6. Benchmarking Improves Decisions

Learn from industry winners and losers to drive behavior that will catapult your organization to the next level. Thought leaders in the sales industry agree that Game the Plan is a must-read for all who are interested in incentives and motivation. Barry Rhein, Founder of Selling Through CuriosityTM   said:  

“The world's most effective sales people are often the most motivated. ‘Game the Plan' will show you how to align sales rep behavior with goals using well designed incentive plans and help you steer clear of the bad ones. And, the stories along the way are great. 'Game The Plan' should be on every sales manager's and CFO's must read list.”

Game the Plan's revolutionary message turns conventional incentive comp on its head, and resonates with people who work outside of the sales environment, as well as with those who are immersed in the sales incentive compensation world. Remember, gamers aren't the enemy; “gaming” the plan is a good thing if it encourages salespeople to achieve peak performance—everybody wins!

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