Unique & Creative Sales Lead Generation Techniques

4 min read

Oh, prospecting. As a sales rep, it can be a daunting task to track down significant leads that will blossom into quality sales and solid relationships. Too often, reps get stuck in a rut of lead generation and hit a plateau. However, thanks to the Internet, email, and other technology advancements finding new leads doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as it once was.

5 Ways to Find New Sales Leads

1. Create product videos. You know how people enjoy learning about new products? Not by reading dry, ten page white papers about it. Sure, paragraphs of info are good to have on hand, but with the average attention spans of adults going downhill fast, one great way to grab a new lead’s attention is to use a product video. Stick to around a minute or less and close with a clear call to action that’s helpful and not just a hard sell. 2. Answer LinkedIn questions. How brilliant is it that we have social media to directly interact with people on a channel they actually like to be on? Take some time to browse the questions your potential customers are asking and answer them! Look for places where you can chime in and give some information about your product or service if it’s relevant and timely. 3. Be active on Pinterest. Do you know what your customers find interesting? With Pinterest, now you do! Create content that is “pinnable” and see where it goes. You’ll understand your customers much faster and you’ll have a place to start a conversation. In addition, Pinterest is highly visual and it's a great place to utilize your graphic content like infographics and memes. 4. Don’t go for the freebies. People have a lot of stuff. Some of it they want, some of it they inherited, but most of it is plain junk. The last thing they want is something free that is going to end up in the basement corner. Instead of giving away a useless free item, give them something they can actually use that will generate more leads. Raise the bar on the “freebies” you give away. For example, they probably don't need another beer koozie to take up space in their cabinet. Try handing out branded chargers, a meaningful book,  or USB drives instead. 5. Go out into the world. There are plenty of conferences to be had in the sales world. Why? Because networking equals leads. Go one step further and try your hand at speaking; this leads to recognition not only from your name, but also your face. Always follow-up and send personalized letters, calls, or emails to the people you meet. In order for a business to succeed, there’s got to be plenty of leads to draw from. What other lead generation tactics have you tried?