Get Sales Territories Spring Training Ready with This Online Assessment

Balanced territory planning is essential for sales organizations. See how your sales territories stack up and how you can improve in this quick self assessment.

4 min read

Spring Training in professional baseball is seen as the promise of a new season and as an opportunity for players to set a game-winning tone for the year. The ultimate goal of this long-lived tradition is to get players into shape, add new blood, and solidify a team composition that will lead to a successful season.

So how does Spring Training tie back to sales territories? It’s in the spirit of this seasonal evaluation that territories should be assessed. Spring, mid Q1 for many companies, presents a perfect window to review and rethink the effectiveness of your sales territories.

Just as spring training gives team managers an opportunity to evaluate their players, so should sales ops look to the window of time after planning season as a chance to maximize territory performance.

Are your sales territories playing at rookie or MVP level? You can find out using our sales territory planning and optimization assessment here.

This 5-minute online evaluation will help you understand if your territories will you set you up for a grand slam or a foul ball. Specifically, the assessment will reveal if you’re:

  • Maximizing sales resources and travel spend
  • Set up for “whitespace” and “greenfield” opportunities
  • Covering all of the bases for balanced and compact territories

And if for some reason you’re not so worried about evaluating the performance of your sales territories implementation, let’s quickly go over three of the game-winning benefits sales territory optimization can provide organizations. 

1. Maximized Territories = Maximized Revenue

To maximize revenue generation companies need to increase sales volume, meaning the right coverage can have a huge impact on sales goals. 

2. Keeping Territories Fair Keeps Turnover Low

Whether management acknowledges it or not, managing fairness is part of the job. Territory share can become a major pain point for sales reps if given locations that are harder to work. Balance is needed to keep sales motivated.

3. Smarter Territory Management Makes Life Easier

One of the greatest payoffs for optimizing territories is reducing the headaches you have to deal. Automation can help, enabling the input of parameters to measure performance, capacity plan, and provide reporting. Automation has even helped companies achieve a 75 percent reduction in the time it takes them to plan territories.

Now find out what areas your business needs to focus on with our brief (only a few minutes!) online territory assessment.