Goodbye Varicent, Hello IBM

2 min read

IBM’s purchase of Varicent confirms what Xactly has always known - sales performance and compensation management is a valuable asset to businesses. Xactly is the only company offering 100 percent cloud-based sales compensation management solutions. We know that sales performance management powers improved sales effectiveness and bottom line results. We’ve known this since our founding, seven years ago. Because we were founded in the cloud, unlike Varicent, we aren’t an expensive on-premise solution. Also, as the only SaaS-based model in the space, we allow customers to access their data in an efficient way. As our client list shows, SaaS enables companies of all sizes to take advantage of this technology. So we welcome IBM. The market is ready for growth and there is room for someone of their size – especially when they are competing on the limiting single-tenant side of the fence. I look forward to your thoughts on what this means for the market.