How I’m Managing an Entirely Remote Team for the First Time

Apr 09, 2020
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How you manage things in the office is different from how you should manage things with a fully remote team—but how do you make that shift? Here’s what three industry leaders have to say about managing remote sales teams.

Shifting to a work-from-home (WFH) environment comes easy to some but certainly not for everyone. I should know—I’m a new dad to a five-month-old son. Having new distractions and goals to hit can certainly mess with the rhythm an employee can get into in their traditional work setup. And as a sales leader, how can you navigate that new territory with your team to get into a new selling groove? 

Here’s some simple advice on what three SaaS industry leaders, including myself, have to say about the situation and our advice on how to navigate your new work setup. Below are the top eight (of many) highlights we’ve pulled together:

  1. Keep your team’s connection strong. That can take the form of simply shifting from face-to-face office interaction to virtual high-fives over Zoom or any other video conferencing software. 
  2. Use technology—like an AI/ML-based SPM solution—to help ease anxiety and give reliable, real-time visibility into what’s happening.
  3. Keep company culture and accountability alive with intentional and conscious effort—this is a top-down initiative.
  4. Focus on being aware of everything that’s going on around you—especially verbal and non-verbal cues from your employees on how they’re coping and/or struggling.
  5. Celebrate the small, normal things that would typically get lost in the noise of any given day. For example, recognize how many customer touches or meetings booked a rep gets and highlight those.  
  6. Ask yourself the important questions—What’s working right now? How are reps shifting their selling strategy and how are they using it to their advantage? What kind of questions are being asked, and how are they resonating with prospects and clients?
  7. Have a “help me help you” mentality when checking in with your team.
  8. New metrics to check every day when gauging performance—such as, quarter pipeline commit, quarter pipeline best case, what does the overall pipeline look like past Q1

For a full deep-dive into the topics listed above, watch the full 26-minute video:



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Drew Lawrence
Drew Lawrence
Director of Sales

Drew Lawrence is the Director of Sales at Xactly. He is a lead-from-the-front sales and operations executive and efficiency expert with success and experience in creating and supporting business growth based upon strategic plans.