Sales Lessons we Learned from Our Mothers

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Sunday will mark the 102nd year we have celebrated the women who brought us into the world, guided us, and loved us – Mothers. And while their lessons may have seemed taxing, or down right infuriating at times, those early teachings helped shape who we have become in life and in business. George Washington himself said, “All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual, and physical education I received from her.” So in honor of Mother’s Day, we are reflecting on the top lessons from our moms that can be helpful every day when it comes to sales: Be quiet and listen: In sales, a common tendency is to try to draw a ton of information from the prospect as quickly as possible. You’ll be more effective, however, if you take a queue from mama and listen to prospects as they explain their needs. Be prepared: Most moms are like MacGyver when it comes to preparedness. They can bandage a cut, sew on a button or make a small meal all from items in their purse. In sales, it’s pretty safe to assume that you won’t get a second chance to change a first impression. So be like mom and prepare for anything a prospect might throw your way. Dress the part: Ever come out of your room wearing ripped jeans or a dirty T-shirt when going to dinner, only to get a glare from your mom? You know, the mom look that instantly says, “Get your behind back in your room and put on something presentable right this second – and don’t make me look at you like that again!!!” The same principle applies to sales. Yes, we live in a jeans and hoodie culture, but you need to show prospects that you care enough to look and be your best. Be Nice: Have you ever been on one of those sales calls that gets you so frustrated you want to pull out your hair? Chances are the person on the other end of the line feels the same way. The important thing is to keep your cool and look for opportunities to settle on common ground. Or as mama might say, “Play nice.” Mom knows best: It’s an old saying. Then again, so is “The customer is always right.” Although we may disagree with plenty of things our moms have told us, how many times was she actually right? Most of the time, huh? The same is true for the customer. While it’s important to help guide customers toward what they really need to solve their problems, it’s equally important to refrain from pushing an unneeded element. Sure, you might get a higher commission, but it could come at the expense of a long-term, high-value partnership. via GIPHY There you have it. Age-old lessons from mom that could help you close a sales deal today. Now, go out there and get that last-minute Mother’s Day gift. Just as long as it’s not a pair of these: via GIPHY All GIPHS via GIPHY