Incentives Aim to Lessen the California Drought

3 min read

While rumblings about the California drought have gotten louder amidst the controversy over the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (if for some reason you’ve managed to avoid all media for the last month, the ALS challenge asks participants to dump ice water on their head to raise money and awareness for the disease.) The controversy began when people pointed out that in a three-year long drought it might not be the best time for millions of people to be wasting water. The drought is being talked about quite a bit, and various groups, councils, and companies have come up with ways to limit water use. Many of these tactics include policing water use and handing out heavy fines for those with excessive water use. As an incentive compensation company, we’re in favor of initiatives that offer incentives for less water use. A few of these initiatives include: 1. Lawn Be Gone! This program asks users to take out thirsty grass-filled yards and replace them with decorative stone and desert plants. For each square foot of lawn you transform into drought-friendly landscape they will give you $1. 2. The 20-Gallon Challenge The San Diego County Water Authority is offering complimentary landscape surveys and is giving rebates for weather-based irrigation controllers. The challenge asks participants to cut their water usage by 20 gallons a day and provides clever indoor and outdoor ways to do so. 3. WaterSmart The WaterSmart program in the East Bay has a three-pronged approach that gives rebates for drought-friendly sprinklers, water saving irrigation parts, and hardscaping materials. If you’re interested in limiting your water use, search by zip code for incentives and rebates in your area.These incentives are a great start, and we hope to see increasingly strong incentives that motivate people to lessen their usage. Last, but certainly not least, if you’re participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge consider doing so in a drought-friendly way like one of Xactly's resident bloggers, Greg Pisacane, who used our mascot in lieu of ice water: Do you have any ideas for incentives that could limit personal water usage? Tweet @xactly Sources: