You did THAT in an Interview?!

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From the girl who shows up straight from a pool party, to the guy who comes in after a few beers, or the candidate that tries to turn the interview into a first date, trust me, HR professionals have seen it all. Recently, I had the chance to talk to a group of Human Resources experts. They filled me in on what you absolutely must do in an interview if you hope to score the position, and what will get you scratched off the shortlist quicker than you can say, “hire me.”

Interview DON’TS:

  • Share too many personal details in an interview
  • Bring a colorful résumé with multiple fonts unless you’re applying for a creative role
  • Wear too much perfume or cologne
  • Come unprepared
  • Burn bridges
  • Be arrogant or entitled
  • Write a cover letter. The cover letter is dead.
  • Lie or be generic on your résumé
  • Chew gum

Interview DOS:

  • Thoroughly research the company and look up those you’ll be talking to on LinkedIn
  • Know what job you’re interviewing for
  • Bring a hard copy of a crisp, spell-checked, error-free, easy-to-read résumé
  • Have a great sense of what the company does; watch demos, check out the press releases, research its leaders.
  • Be able to clearly articulate your understanding of the company
  • Be prepared, and put your best foot forward
  • Wear deodorant
  • Be authentic, be on time, be polite
  • Know the company’s core values
  • Follow up within a week if you haven’t heard back
  • Send a thank-you note
  • Talk about your accomplishments and what you’re proud of
  • List measurable successes on your résumé
  • Have a personality, and be ready to answer what you like to do and topics you’re interested in outside of work
  • Make sure you have the desire to make an impact
  • Remember a human, not a machine, will read your résumé

Are you a Recent Graduate that wants to Score Coveted Internship?

You can stand out by having:

  • Prior Internship experience
  • Flexibility
  • Natural curiosity
  • Aspire to grow within a company
  • Drive
  • Desire to have depth and breadth in your role
  • Want to make an impact on a company