You Know You're in Finance When...

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You probably clicked on this link because you're in finance, that vital part of any organization that makes sure the budgets are adhered to, the books are closed, the model is intact, and everything is SOX compliant (to name just a few responsibilities). As the gate keeper of your company's finances, you have a lot on your plate. When we spoke with someone in finance they shared what they love about their role, and what drives them up a wall. If you're in finance, let us know which number on the list is your favorite, or what we left off of the list by tweeting @xactly.


1. You hear forecast and think operating income, not scattered showers:

2. You're pretty sure that a month-end close without overtime is an urban myth:

3.When people use amoritization, depreciation, and cash-flow interchangeably:

4. This is your face when no one questions your model assumptions:

5. A company goes public and the first thing you try to find out is their revenue model:

6. This is how you feel when your CFO has no forecast revisions:

7. You get really excited when other departments understand what an "accrual" is:

8. This is how you feel about another department fills out a PO correctly:

9. When you say close the books you mean your accounting records, not Harry Potter:

10. This is your face when the person you're meeting with opens your email and attachment for the first time during the meeting:

11. Most other departments have only a vague understanding of  what you actually do:

12.This is your face when a colleague asks you why a vendor hasn't been paid:

13. When Excel is frozen:

14. Risk is not a Board-game, it’s a serious business concern:

15. When another department hands in a huge invoice from 6 months ago:

16. This is how you feel when the CFO asks for 10 different scenario models:

17. You've probably had to explain basic math to at least three co-workers. You may or may not have directed them to the nearest calculator:

18. You know this to be true:


19. This is the look you get when all your statements balance:

20. Everything in your life gets put into  a spreadsheet, including vacations: