You Know you're in HR When....

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Recently we had the chance to sit down with our Human Resources team and talk to them about the ins and outs of the department; what they love and what makes them want to pull their hair out. This is the first post in a series, so if you're not in HR check back soon to see if we've made one for your department. Our next few list style posts will include "You know you're in Sales Ops when..." and "You Know You're a Social Media Manager When..." Did we miss any on this list? Have ideas for our next post? Tweet @xactly and give us your feedback!

1. You’ve sent the same email 15 times and you’re still getting questions about the topic

2. This is you when you find the perfect candidate for the impossible to fill role

3. Allocating your "budget" looks like this:

This is an image of a little girl counting the money she has in her piggy bank

4. You get asked at least five accounting questions a day

5. Your colleagues think your sole responsibility is to provide snacks and plan parties

6. This is you when you don't get a single HCM system question all day

7. How you feel when everyone forgets everything you said in orientation

8. People forget you have much, much more going on than just keeping the peace

9. This resonates deep in your soul...


10. People expect you to know the specifics of their benefit plans and compensation off the top of your head

11. You receive the 500th colorful response to your vanilla rejection letter

12. This is not even the strangest picture you've gotten with a resume